How to Change Spotify Username, Email, and Password

Change Spotify Account Profile

Spotify’s UI has undergone several changes in recent years but continues to be clunky and difficult to navigate around. Particularly confusing is how to change a Spotify account’s username or display name, email, password, profile picture, or payment plan. This tutorial shows you how to update this information in your Spotify account.

Change Spotify Username and Display Name

Your username on Spotify cannot be changed. It is assigned to you when you create an account for the first time and is permanent in nature. Spotify uses it for identification purposes only, as you don’t need it to sign in or anything else, really.

However, while you can change your display name, you can only do so on desktop. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your computer and click on the downward arrow in the top-right corner of the screen.
Spotify My Account Menu
  1. Click on your name to open the editing pop-up.
Spotify Edit Profile Name Menu
  1. Edit the display name as desired and click on “Save” when done.
Spotify Edit Profile Name

The following instructions show how to change your Spotify display name on mobile.

  1. Under the “Home” tab at the bottom and tap on the Settings icon in the top-right corner. On the next screen, click on your name at the top.
Spotify Mobile Profile Settings
  1. Tap on your display name or the “Edit profile” button and enter a suitable name. Tap on “Save” when you are done.
Spotify Mobile Change Name Menu

Change Spotify Email

You can change the Spotify email on your account via the Web or mobile app. The option is missing on the desktop app. Follow the below instructions to change your email ID on your browser.

Note that if you used Facebook to create your Spotify account, you can update the email ID from Facebook settings. Spotify has no control.

  1. Log in to your Spotify account and go to the Account Overview page. Click on the “Edit profile” button below your account details.
Spotify Web Account Overview
  1. Enter the new email here. You will need to enter the account password for verification.
  2. Click on “Save Profile” to save the changes. You should receive an email on your old and new email accounts confirming the change.
Spotify Edit Profile Screen

Changing your email on the mobile app is equally easy.

  1. Open the Spotify app and under the “Home” tab at the bottom of the screen and tap on the Settings cog icon at the top.
  2. Tap on “Account.”
Spotify Mobile Settings
  1. Tap on the “Edit” button next to the current email and enter your new email and Spotify account password to verify. Tap on “Save” when done.
Spotify Account Email Update

Change Spotify Password

The password is how you protect your Spotify account. Choose a strong password that is not related to you directly. But you can only change your Spotify password on the We. It cannot be done on the desktop or mobile apps. Follow these instructions to update it on the Web:

  1. Visit the password change page under Account Overview and enter the current password before entering the new password.
  2. Click the “Set New Password” button.
Spotify Web Change Password Screen

Change Spotify Profile Picture

Unlike your username and password, you can change your Spotify profile picture on desktop and mobile.

As always, let’s begin with the desktop app.

  1. Click on the Profile icon or your display name at the top to open a drop-down menu. Select “Profile.”
Spotify Desktop Profile Option
  1. Hover over the current profile photo placeholder to see the “Choose photo” or “Change” button.
Spotify Edit Profile Desktop
  1. Click on it once to open a pop-up window to choose a photo for your Spotify account from local storage.
Spotify Profile Picture Popup Desktop
  1. Either double-click on the same to open and set it as your Spotify profile picture or select and click the “Open” button.
  2. You should also see it as an icon next to your name.
Spotify Profile Pic Desktop
  1. You can “Remove” or “Change” the Spotify profile pic by repeating the same steps. When you remove a photo, it will be replaced with either a new photo you have selected or a default empty gray avatar that Spotify sets.

The steps to change the profile picture on mobile are the same on both Android and iOS. I am using my iPhone for this guide.

  1. Tap on the cog icon that represents the Settings on the top-right corner in the Home tab, then tap on your profile icon or “View Profile” button.
Spotify Mobile App Profile Settings
  1. Tap on the “Edit” profile button below your profile picture/placeholder, then select “Change” photo.
Spotify Mobile Edit Profile Menu
  1. Click to either take a new photo or choose one from the library using the pop-up that appears from the bottom part of the screen. You can also remove the current profile image. Doing so will add the placeholder instead.
Spotify Change Profile Image Option
  1. Tap on the “Save” button when you are happy with the changes.

Did you know you could also change your playlist picture on Spotify?

Change Spotify Payment Plan

The Spotify payment plan can be cancelled or upgraded/downgraded only from the Web app. Mobile and desktop apps do not support it at the moment, which is inconvenient.

  1. Go to your Spotify Account Overview page. Scroll a little to find your current plan details. If subscribed, you should see the current plan’s end date. Click on the “Subscribe” button. Users from certain countries may see “Change Plan” instead.
Spotify Payment Details Page
  1. On the next screen, you will see more details regarding your current plan, such as the next billing date and amount. Click on “Change plan” in the top-right corner to update or cancel your Spotify subscription.

Notice the “Payment details” heading below the credit card logos toward the bottom of the image below? That’s where you can update your credit card number and other information.

Change Spotify Payment Plan
  1. Spotify will present you with all the available plans in your country. Pick one by clicking on “View Plans” below the plan you want.
Spotify Subscriptions Plans
  1. Spotify will ask you to confirm the plan change. Click on “Change plan.”
Spotify Change Plan Screen

While I couldn’t find an option to cancel Spotify’s Premium plan, the help page says it should be under “Account -> Change Plan.” Irrespective of which plan you are subscribed to, you should find it as described on the help page.

This could be a bug. If you still can’t find the option, fill out this form and send it to Spotify to ask for your plan to be canceled.

The free version of Spotify is ad-supported; however, there are ways to mute them.

Spotify allows you full control over your profile. Editing profile details is easy and quick if you know where to look in the settings menu. However, it could use some help with its UI design to make it less cluttered and more organized. If it bothers you too much, learn how to get rid of the duplicates in your Spotify playlist.

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