How to Change Your Move, Exercise & Stand Goals on Apple Watch

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As a way to motivate you to move throughout your day, your Apple Watch keeps all kinds of metrics. More precisely, three key types of data: move, exercise, and stand goals. This is the core feature of every Apple Watch, which can now be adjusted based on your needs and fitness level. Let’s talk about how to change your move, exercise, and stand goals on your Apple Watch.

Is It Possible to Change Activity Goals on Any Apple Watch?

The ability to change your move, exercise, and stand goals is a recently-introduced feature. In other words, your Apple Watch must run watchOS 7. Sadly, earlier watchOS don’t have this option, so you’re out of luck.

As a reminder, watch OS 7 requires an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 14 installed. Also, the latest watchOS version is available for an Apple Watch Series 3 and newer (and yes, this also includes the recently launched Apple Watch SE).

How to Change Your Move, Exercise & Stand Goals on Apple Watch

Keep in mind that adjusting activity goals can only be done on your Apple Watch. In other words, your iPhone doesn’t offer this same functionality. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Press the Digital Crown button to access the main menu and locate the Activity app. Its icon looks like three colored rings. Tap on the Activity app’s icon to launch it.

Activity Goals Apple Watch Main Menu

2. At this moment you should see three large colored rings, indicating your move, exercise, and stand goals progress. You can use your finger or the Digital Crown to scroll all the way down. Then, tap on “Change Goals.”

Activity Goals Apple Watch Move Goal Values Adjustment

3. Your Apple Watch will now ask you to adjust your move goal (calculated in calories). You can use the Digital Crown or the plus and minus buttons to adjust. Once happy with your selection, tap Next.

4. To adjust your exercise goal (calculated in minutes), use the Digital Crown or the minus and plus buttons once again to change the previously-set value. Tap Next once done.

Activity Goals Apple Watch Excercise Stand Goals Adjustment

5. Finally, you’ll get to change your stand goal as well (calculated in hours). Once you’re happy with the new value, tap on OK, and you’ll return to the Activity app. That’s it!

Additional Tip – View Your Activity Progress on Apple Watch

You’ll want to make sure that your Apple Watch has accepted your new move, exercise, and stand goals. Let’s check the newly set values and also keep track of your activity progress throughout the day.

1. Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch. Scroll down a bit until you see a segment below the three large circles. This is where you’ll see all three of your activity goals in their numerical values.

2. Make sure to pay attention to what numbers are displayed here. Your Apple Watch should compare the latest available data against your newly-set goals, followed by a percentage of completion for each of your goals.

Activity Goals Apple Watch Previewing Current Report

3. If you scroll down just a bit more, you will see a graph-based representation of your daily activity progress. There will be three graphs – for your move, exercise, and stand goals, so you can see your day at a glance.

One more tip – don’t forget that certain Apple Watch apps allow you to navigate horizontally as well (the majority let you navigate vertically only). The Activity app is an excellent example of that, as scrolling from right to left lets you set up sharing options (so you can compete against your friends), as well as check your fitness awards.

Before we finish, a few useful resources. Here’s how you can generate reports of your Apple Watch activity. And also, here’s how to make custom watch faces, which comes in handy if you want to put your fitness progress under the spotlight.

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