1. Mahesh,

    Where’d you get the image shown in this story? I’d love to use that as my wallpaper as well as on the Login screen.


    1. Hi Scott,

      That’s “Chicago HD” wallpaper and you can grab it for yourself by just searching “Chicago HD” on Google Images.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Found it!


        1. That’s great!

          You’re welcome, Scott!

  2. i want the background in the page too thanks for sharing :)

  3. I followed all the instructions…step by step…repeated several times. The com.apple.desktop.admin.png file never shows up in the ~/Library/Caches folder. i tried dragging and dropping it into the folder then changing the name. But that does not work. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Howard,

      First of all make sure you’re running OS X El Capitan. Then, ensure the account that you use to change the login screen wallpaper is an Administrator account.

      What is the exact error that comes up when you drag and drop the image?

      Let us know. Thanks!

      1. Yes, I am running El Capitan, that’s why I want to change the login screen from that ugly mountain view!. I login to the computer with my admin account password…and I am the only one who uses the computer. I get no messages what-so-ever….no error msg comes up when I drag and drop the image. Again, the com.apple.desktop.admin.png never shows up on my Desktop…instructions say a new Finder window is supposed to open but it does not.

        1. Strange!

          You say the com.apple.desktop.admin.png doesn’t show up on your Desktop. It doesn’t have to be on your desktop, it must be in “/Library/Caches/” folder.

          1. Thanks again. My error re: Desktop….anyway, here are instructions from website beginning with step 2 with my comments as to what happends when I follow them. And a few things I have tried. (I followed step 1 and created the required .png file)

            2. Now, click on the “Go” menu in the Finder menu bar and select “Go to Folder…” Alternatively, you can use the “Command + Shift + G” keyboard shortcut to launch the “Go To Folder” feature.

            3. Enter in the following location in the “Go To Folder” panel and click on “Go.”

            3a. /Library/Caches/ opens up

            4. Once there, find the image named “com.apple.desktop.admin.png,” right-click on it and select “Rename.”

            BUT, there is no image com.apple.desktop.admin.png in the /Library/Caches/ folder.

            Okay, so I tried to just drag and drop my com.apple.desktop.admin.png image into the /Library/Caches/ folder….

            No message comes up.

            So I closed everything, left my com.apple.desktop.admin.png image in the folder and rebooted. Still had the mountain view login screen.

            So….I dragged and dropped another copy of my com.apple.desktop.admin.png into the /Library/Caches/ folder, replaced the previous one and rebooted. Still have the mountain view login screen.


            Why is there no El Capitan mountian view login screen file com.apple.desktop.admin.png in the /Library/Caches/ folder?

            Where else could it be?

    2. Howard,
      You are trying to put in in your user Library (~/Library) and not the root Library (/Library)

      Hope this helps.

  4. Thank you for your clear instructions. The best I’ve found for a novice like myself. Do you know if these instructions will also work for Sierra? I’ve just installed Sierra and don’t like the login screen. Thank you hana

    1. Hi Hana,

      The steps should work on Sierra as well as I can see that it also has the login screen wallpaper with the same name.

      Hope it helps!

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