How to Change the Icon Size and Display Settings in Windows 7

If you are using a large 27′ monitor like me, you will know how small your icons look like in the screen. Unless you enjoy looking small icons (and save up a lot of deskspace), you might be better off changing the icons (and text) to a bigger size instead of making the extra effort to make out what that tiny word is.

By default, the size of the text and the icons are set to small (100%). That is alright for a regular monitor. If you are using a wide screen monitor, the 100% setting may be too small for you. Here’s how you can easily configure them to a bigger size.

  • Go to “Control Panel” (Start -> Control Panel)
  • Select “Appearance and personalization”. Click on “Display”.


  • In the next window, three options will appear. Note that the third option will only appear if your monitor supports the resolution 1200 x 900


  • You can choose any of the following.

Smaller – 100%: This is the default option.

Medium – 125%: This size sets the text and the other item to 125% of the normal size.

larger – 150%: This size sets the text and other items to 150% of the normal size.

  • Choose “Medium” and click on “Apply”. Immediately you will get a message asking you to log off your computer.


  • Click on “Log off now”.
  • You should be able to see the changes the next time you login.

In some situations, after enlarging the text and icon size, you will find that the texts may no longer fit to your screen. You may have to adjust the screen resolution of your computer as well.

  • Navigate to “Control Panel > Appearance and personalization” and click on “Display”.
  • Select “Resolution” from the left pane.
  • Set the Screen resolution, which fits best to your monitor and click on “Apply”.


  • When prompted if you want to keep the display setting, click “Keep changes“.


  • Click on “Advanced settings” option and switch to “Monitor” tab.


  • Choose “True Color (32 bit)” from the “Colors:” dropdown menu.
  • Click on “Apply” and then “OK”.

If you want to set the custom text size, follow the steps below.

  • Select “Set custom text size (DPI)” from the left pane of the main “Display” window.
  • Set the percentage of normal size of text and icons by dragging the mouse on the scale.


  • Click on “Apply”.


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  1. Great tip. I’m new to my PC and it was driving me crazy that my pages did not fill my screen properly or would always revert after closing the page. Now they stay at the ‘custom’ level I prefer. 

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