How To Change the “Highlight Text Colour” in OS X

One of the features we frequently use and mostly take for granted is the OS X’s highlight color of text and other items when we select them. By default, your Mac will feature a blue highlight color, which will be used whenever you select, copy, replace text or items, etc. This color is implemented system-wide, meaning it will be featured everywhere on your system wherever an item(s) is selected.

Now if you’d like to replace this color with something more suited to your taste, that can be easily done for OS X’s System Preferences. This can be done from the General section of System Preferences from where you can change your Mac’s highlight color as well as manage a few other appearance settings.

Personally, I prefer the default blue color,as it usually works effectively in most cases, but you may also find a pleasant change, so be sure to try selecting several of these colors and see how they work for you.

So here’s how to change your Mac’s highlight color:

1. Open up System Preferences on your Mac, either from the Apple menu or from “Applications -> Utilities”.


2. Click on the General icon which will be the first option in the top row.


3. Here, in the “Highlight Color” drop-down menu, you can choose your preferred highlight color.



Clicking on “Other” in this Highlight color will open another new window where you can easily choose any color you like using your cursor.


That’s it. Be sure to open a program like TextEdit to test and check out what your new highlight color looks like in action.

Did this tip work for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Shujaa Imran
Shujaa Imran

Shujaa Imran is MakeTechEasier's resident Mac tutorial writer. He's currently training to follow his other passion become a commercial pilot. You can check his content out on Youtube

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