How to Set Custom Font in Android

Android devices are often praised for the level of customization available to users. Whereas Apple devices all look and operate exactly the same, Android users can apply various tweaks to personalize their device and experience. These can change the aesthetics of the phone or change how the phone behaves. One of the most popular ways to customize an Android device is to change the system font. Fortunately, applying a different system font for use in menus, messaging and more is easy.

Some Phones Have Ability to Change Fonts Out of the Box

It's no secret that various manufacturers tweak the stock Android system to set their devices apart from their competitors. This is the reason why the user interface of Samsung phones look and operate differently than, say, Oppo. In addition to all of the behavioral and cosmetic changes these manufacturers implement, some - like LG, HTC and Samsung - have included the ability to change the Android system font straight out of the box.

Android Font Samsung

How to change the font will vary slightly between devices. That being said, you can usually find it by opening up the Settings app on your device and rooting around in the "Display" or "Accessibility" section.

For example, virtually every Samsung device lets you change the system font. They even include a few alternative fonts pre-installed. To change them, simply fire up the Settings app, tap on Display and select "Font size and style." Here you'll find a list of alternative fonts that are installed on your device. Find one you like and tap on it to set it as your default font. This font will then be used across the entire operating system.

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What If My Phone Doesn't Allow Font Changes?

If your Android device doesn't allow you to change fonts out of the box, don't fret. You can still use alternate fonts; however, it's going to require some extra elbow grease. What you'll need to do is install a launcher that supports custom fonts. An Android "launcher" is essentially a new user interface for your phone. A custom launcher will change the way your home screen looks and even affect other elements of your devices such as gestures, the app tray, etc.

Custom Fonts Homescreen

That being said, it's important to note that while certain custom launchers allow users to change the font, this may not be system-wide. There may still be certain apps and/or elements of the UI that will retain their original default fonts. That being said, changing the font in a custom launcher should affect the majority of your device.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is a popular third-party custom launcher for Android devices. However, you'll need to shell out some cash to get it. To change your fonts within Apex Launcher, you'll need to install it and set it as your default launcher. Once you've done this, you can jump into the Settings of Apex Launcher to start changing fonts.

Custom Fonts Apex Launcher

To change your home screen font, tap "Home Screen -> Layout & Style -> Label Font." Furthermore, you can change the fonts used in your app drawer. To do so, tap "App Drawer -> Drawer Layout & Icons -> Label Font." Finally, if you wish to change the font of your folders, tap "Folder -> Label Font."

Action Launcher

Action Launcher is yet another custom launcher that supports alternative fonts. That being said, it doesn't boast a very large selection of fonts. Furthermore, you won't be able to import any font files of your own, which is a bummer.

Custom Fonts Action Launcher

But if you just want to experiment with different fonts without pulling out a credit card, Action Launcher may be worth a look. To change fonts, simply install Action Launcher and set it as your default launcher. Then, head to the Action Launcher Settings and select "Appearance -> Font."

Smart Launcher 5

Like Action Launcher, Smart Launcher 5 is a free-to-use custom launcher that supports alternative fonts. However, Smart Launcher 5 offers a larger selection of fonts to choose from. To check them out, install Smart Launcher 5 and set it as your default launcher.

Custom Fonts Smart Launcher5

To change fonts, head into the settings of Smart Launcher 5 and select "Global appearance -> Font." Be aware that some features of Smart Launcher 5 are locked to the "Pro" version of the app, which requires you to crack open your wallet.

Alternatives to Custom Launchers: iFont & FontFix

iFont is not a custom launcher - instead, it is an app that allows users to browse hundreds of different fonts and install them on their devices quickly and easily. That being said, it really only works as advertised on Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Meizu phones. iFont sort of works with other phone manufacturers; however, the compatibility seems to be spotty at best. According to user feedback, it seems as though iFont works better if your phone is rooted.

Android Font Fontfix

If your device is rooted, you may also want to consider FontFix. FontFix is another app that allows users to browse different fonts and apply them to their device system-wide. FontFix claims that no rooting is necessary for phones that support FlipFont (Samsung & HTC). Both iFont and FontFix have mediocre reviews on Google Play, but it won't hurt to give them a try.

Do you use alternative fonts on your Android device? If so, how do you do it? Let us know in the comments!

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