How to Change the Default Web Browser on Your iPhone and iPad

Apple introduced a new feature that allows third-party browsers to be used as default apps in iOS 14. This means that if you're not a fan of Apple's default Safari browser, you can choose an alternative (such as Google Chrome) that will be opened automatically when you tap on a link. Here's how to change the default web browser in iOS 14.

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1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down to the Apps section and tap on the browser you want to set as the default browser. We're using Chrome as our new default browser.

Change Default Browser Ios Chrome Settings

3. Tap on "Default Browser App."

Change Default Browser Ios Settings

4. Tap on the browser you wish to make the default.

Change Default Browser Ios Browser

That's it. This will be a welcome change for those who are fans of third-party browsers. However, if you find yourself wanting to return to Safari, simply repeat the steps and select Safari in the Default Browser Apps screen.

We've briefly covered our recommended browsers for iOS below.

1. Chrome

If you are already using Google Chrome on your PC, then you will also want to use Google Chrome for iOS. An advantage is that you can sync your iOS device with your Google account (if you frequently use it on another device). For example, you can sync tabs between your Mac and iOS device if you're signed in on both accounts.

Chrome includes all the standard features like tab management, Incognito mode (private browsing mode), voice-search mechanism, etc.

2. Edge

If you are a Windows user, you may want to consider using Edge by Microsoft. You can easily link your iPhone and a Windows 10 PC together to sync bookmarks, webpages, Cortana features, etc. Edge also includes tracking prevention (something that Chrome doesn't) and the ability to block ads. You'll be required to log in to a Microsoft account to access the full feature set of the browser.

3. Opera Touch

Opera Touch is another browser we like, which has a small but loyal user base. The app has a simplistic design and offers all the basic features you'd expect from a mobile browser. However, Opera has decided to leave bookmarks out of Touch, which can be a huge downside if you're reliant on your saved links and folders. However, you can use the "Flow" feature to link the Touch app to a desktop version and send articles/web links back and forth.

Change Default Browser Ios Opera

4. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox features a clean UI (user interface) that is easy to navigate and use. One of the interesting features in Firefox is the ability to block images. It works by blocking images on any webpage, which automatically reduces loading times. Firefox is also known for its privacy features, so if you are adamant about privacy, you should surely check it out.

Change Default Browser Ios Firefox

These are our favorite browsers for iOS. If you still prefer the default Safari browser on your iPhone, and it is no longer working, we have the solutions to fix it here.

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