How to Change the Default Font in LibreOffice

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LIbreOffice is a good alternative for the pricey Microsoft Office, and it supports a lot of file formats out of the box. Unless you require some special features that are only available in Microsoft Office, LibreOffice is almost a good stand-in replacement. However, one of the small annoying things you may encounter is the default font and font size – it is not obvious how you can change the default font.

The following instructions will show you how to change the default font and font size in LibreOffice so that the new custom font will be used every time you open a new document.

LibreOffice Writer

It is very easy to change the default font and font size in LibreOffice Writer.

1. Open LibreOffice Writer.

2. Go to Tools -> Options.

3. On the left pane, scroll down to “LibreOffice Writer -> Basic fonts.” Here you can see that the default font is “Liberation Sans,” and the font size is 12. You can change the default font to your favorite font. Do the same for the font size.

Libreoffice Change Default Font Options

You can also change the default font for Heading, Caption, List and Index.

4. Click “OK” to save the changes.

LibreOffice Calc

The steps above are not applicable for LibreOffice Calc and Impress. The way to change the default font and font size is different in Calc.

1. Open LibreOffice Calc.

2. On the right sidebar, click the first icon labeled “Sidebar Settings” and select “Properties.”

Libreoffice Change Font Calc Properties

3. Change the default font and font size, and click the “Update Selected Style” button.

Libreoffice Change Font Calc Font Size

Libreoffice Change Font Calc Update Style

4. Close the Properties window. Next, go to “File -> Templates -> Save as Template …”

Libreoffice Change Font Calc Save Template

5. Give this template a name, and at the bottom select the “Set as default template” box. Click Save.

Libreoffice Change Font Calc New Template

That’s it.

The method to change default font for LibreOffice Impress is similar to Calc.

Wrapping Up

While changing a font is easy in LibreOffice, changing the default font to something that you use often is not as straightforward. Hopefully, the above steps can help you be more productive when using LibreOffice.


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