How to Change the Default Download Location In IE 9 [Quick Tips]

In Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), the default download location is the Downloads folder in your user profile. However, some (if not, most) of you donot like this default download location and are looking for the ways to change it. For me, I prefer to place all my downloads on the Desktop. This is how you change the default downloads location in IE9.

In your IE 9, click on the Settings icon (the gearwheel) and go to “View Downloads“. Alternatively, you can press the shortcut key “Ctrl + J”.


In the Downloads window, click on the “Options” link.


Click the “Browse” button to select the folder that you want your future downloads to store in.


Optionally, you can also place a check to let it notify when the download is completed.

That’s it.

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