5 Ways to Change the Color of a Samsung Keyboard

Samsung Keyboard Change Color Theme

The Samsung keyboard, which comes pre-installed on Galaxy phones, can be customized in several ways. You can change its size, transparency, layout style, font size, modes, and much more. To top it all off, Samsung lets you change the keyboard color as well. We all know the default white-grey combination can get boring at times. You can change the color of the Samsung Keyboard in five ways to make it look exciting.

1. Using Dark Mode

One of the simplest ways to change the color of the Samsung keyboard is to change your phone’s theme to dark mode. When you enable dark mode on your Samsung Galaxy phone, the keyboard will automatically turn black.

To enable dark mode on a Samsung Galaxy phone, go to “Settings -> Display.” Tap on the selection circle under Dark. Alternatively, you can enable Dark mode from Quick settings.

Samsung Keyboard Dark Mode

2. Using Samsung Keyboard Themes

The Samsung keyboard offers four built-in themes that can be used to change the keyboard color. Choose between Light, Solid light, Dark, and Solid dark themes. Apart from color, the difference lies in the fact that the solid themes hide the keys’ border.

  1. Open Settings on your Samsung phone.
  2. Go to General Management and tap on “Samsung Keyboard settings.”
Samsung Keyboard Settings

Alternatively, open the Samsung keyboard settings by tapping on the Settings icon (cog-shaped) at the top of the keyboard.

Samsung Keyboard Settings From Keyboard
  1. Tap on Theme in the Samsung keyboard settings. You will find the available themes. Tap on a theme to select it for your keyboard. Use the “Show keyboard” option at the bottom to preview the Samsung keyboard color. Please note that if the theme option appears grayed out, you should disable Dark mode on your phone.
Samsung Keyboard Change Theme

This method can be used to change the color of the Samsung keyboard to black without enabling Dark mode on your phone.

3. Using High Contrast Color

If simple light or dark keyboard colors don’t suit you, Samsung also offers high-contrast colors for its keyboard. Open the Samsung keyboard settings either from the phone’s settings or directly from the Samsung keyboard as shown in the above method. Tap on the “High contrast keyboard” text inside the Samsung keyboard settings. Enable the toggle next to Off. Choose the required high-contrast color theme from the available options.

Samsung Keyboard Enable High Contrast Theme

4. Using Galaxy Themes

Lastly, if the above methods don’t satisfy your requirements, you can change the Samsung keyboard’s color by applying a theme on your phone. Samsung supports themes natively, so you don’t have to rely on any third-party app. The drawback of this method is that an applied theme will change the colors of your entire phone and not just the keyboard. If you don’t have an issue with that, you are welcome to try this method.

  1. Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  2. Tap on Themes to go to the Galaxy Themes store. You will be asked to log in with your Samsung account in case you haven’t done so. You will find a huge collection of themes – both free and paid. Use the search bar to find a theme of your choice.
Samsung Keyboard Use Galaxy Themes
  1. When you like a theme, tap on it to view more details about it. Check the theme screenshots to see how it looks in that theme. Finally, tap on Download.
Samsung Keyboard Download Galaxy Themes
  1. Wait for the theme to download. Click on “Apply” to use the theme.
Samsung Keyboard Apply Galaxy Theme

To find all your downloaded themes or to remove a theme, open the Galaxy Themes app by going to “Settings -> Themes” on the phone. Tap on the three-bar icon (at the top or bottom depending on your phone) and select My Stuff.

Samsung Keyboard View Downloaded Galaxy Theme

You will find all your downloaded themes under the Themes tab. If you want to revert to the original theme colors, tap on the default theme. Tap on any other theme to select it and apply it.

Samsung Keyboard Use Original Galaxy Theme

5. Using Color Palette in One UI 4

If your Samsung Galaxy phone is running One UI 4+ (based on Android 12), you can change the color of the Samsung Keyboard using the color palette feature. This feature uses the colors from your wallpaper and applies them across your phone to icons, quick settings, keyboard, etc.

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Go to “Wallpaper and style.”
  3. Tap on “Color palette.”
Samsung Keyboard Wallpaper Settings 1
  1. Enable the toggle next to “Apply palette to app icons.”
  2. Choose a color scheme from the options available under the “Color palette” section above the toggle. If you don’t like the available colors, you will have to change the wallpaper to see a different set of colors.
Samsung Keyboard Color Palette 1

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to change the default keyboard on a Samsung Galaxy phone?

Go to “Settings → General Management → Keyboard list and default.” First, enable the toggle next to the keyboard that you want to use to activate it. Then, go to “Default keyboard” and choose the keyboard that you want to set as default.

2. How to change the language on Samsung Keyboard?

Open Samsung Keyboard settings and go to “Languages and types > Manage input languages.” From the list of available languages, enable the ones you want to use. Then, press the three-dot icon at the top, select “Reorder”, and change the order of languages, with the one that you want to see as the default at the top.

3. Can I restore the keyboard to its original settings if I don’t like the changes I have made?

Yes. If you aren’t happy with the customizations you have made to your Samsung keyboard, you have the option to reset keyboard settings. This will restore the keyboard size, mode, theme, and related features to their default state.

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