CES 2019: Lapscreen Paper-Thin USB-C Monitor that Travels Easily

We don’t normally think of monitors being mobile if they aren’t already part of a mobile device, but it definitely has its applications where it could be helpful. CES 2019 debuted the Lapscreen, a paper-thin USB-C monitor that travels easily because of its thinness.

Lapscreen USB-C Monitor

While a trend in monitors as of late seems to have been the bigger the better, the Lapscreen USB-C monitor takes this in the opposite direction, offering a paper-thin monitor. Instead of trying to get us as much real estate as possible on the screen, this one looks to be more convenient instead.

This seventh-gen monitor by Lapscreen is part of an eight-year project and was invented by Michél Haese. While its length is similar to a United States-standard letter-size piece of paper, the width is like that of an A4 sheet of paper.

This monitor has an FHD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 and has both HDMI and USB-C connectivity to connect to mobile devices and laptops with just the one cable.


While you don’t have all the messy cables, it’s not as portable as it could be, as there is no kickstand like there is on similar types of displays.

However, it does offer a touchscreen version that allows you to pair it easily with Windows 10 for multitasking. Other great features are that it has 178-degree viewing angles and weighs just 0.77 pounds, making it easy to slip into your backpack or laptop bag when you’re traveling or heading out to a meeting or school.

Haese refers to the monitor as the “third evolution of mobile computing displays” because of its portability and notes that it’s compatible with a variety of cases, dongles, batteries, and adapters.

The standard version of the Lapscreen is available starting at $200, while the touchscreen version is available for $265.


There are definitely many times where this monitor could be exactly what you need because of its portability and small size, but if you’re still looking to have the ultimate in real estate space from your monitor, you should probably look elsewhere.

Are you willing to sacrifice screen space for the extreme portability of a paper-thin monitor? Or do you not see any real-use cases for this? Let us know your thoughts on the Lapscreen USB-C monitor in the comments below.

Image Credit: Feytech/Digital Trends

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