Celebrate Halloween With Android Apps, Themes And Games

Halloween is a great holiday for all to enjoy and what’s a better way to celebrate than to trick out your Android phone in full orange attire. For this article I have found a number of apps, themes, and games that transform your phone into a Halloween-themed device.

1. Live Wallpaper: Free Halloween Live Wallpaper

Despite their lack of usefulness, live wallpapers are still extremely popular and this Halloween-themed wallpaper has added a great scanner effect.


The wallpaper allows you to customise the scanner effect by letting you select the colour, structure, brightness and speed. Additionally, (it is indicated) that the wallpaper does not slow down your phone or excessively consumer your battery.

Check out the embedded video for the full effect.

2. Wallpaper: Happy Halloween Wallpaper

This app gets you right into the Halloween spirit by letting you choose from a wide selection of high definition wallpapers.


3. Ringtones and Sounds: Halloween Ringtones and Halloween Spooky Sounds

According to some research, auditory cues are often more frightening than visual ones, and so I recommend checking out these awesome Halloween Ringtones and Halloween Spooky Sounds to really scare your friends. The ringtones app features a number of scary and creepy sounds that you can set as your ringtone, notification or alarm on your phone.
Android Apps, Themes And Games To Celebrate Halloween

The Spooky Sounds app also has a number of scary sounds, including the sound of a bat, chainsaw, “death”, haunting, zombies, ghosts, screams, etc. The app also has a motion detector that automatically activates a sound when someone is near. Perfect for scaring a trick or treator as they come to your door.


4. Launcher Theme: GO Launcher EX Theme Halloween

What better way to enjoy Halloween on your device than to skin it completely with a dedicated orange and gloomy theme.


To apply this theme you will need to install GO Launcher EX, which is easily one of the best custom launchers available, featuring a variety of customisation options.

6. SMS Theme: GO SMS Pro Halloween theme

There is no point skinning your phone but leaving your apps behind, so install the Halloween theme for the GO SMS Pro app to add that spooky touch to sending your messages.


GO SMS Pro is a great alternative to the stock messaging app that features an exciting user interface, a more fast and efficient SMS/MMS experience, and a number of other improvements and features.
Android Apps, Themes And Games To Celebrate Halloween

7. Games:

Adult: Contract Killer: Zombies

I love a good shoot ’em up game, and the perfect theme for Halloween is shooting zombies! Contract Killer:Zombies is a sequel to the original Contract Killer game, an exciting first person shooter. In the sequel you face the apocalypse and have to save the remnants of humanity by slaughtering thousands of zombies.


The graphics and gameplay are not spectacular, but it is a fun way to pass the time.

Puzzle: Bubble Blast Halloween

If you are more the thinking man, then check out the Halloween-themed version of the popular puzzle game Bubble Blast. The aim of the game is to trigger a chain reaction and this is done by bursting Halloween characters.


I thoroughly enjoyed the original Bubble Blast and I am looking forward to trying out the new levels in the Halloween version of the game.


Let us know how you plan to celebrate this year’s Halloween and whether your Android device will play a part in it.

Image credit: BigStockPhoto

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