CatchFree: Find the Best Websites That Offer Free Services

CatchFree-1In addition to being a vast source of knowledge, the internet lets you perform a variety of tasks. From sharing files with your friends to hosting a website, from streaming complete movies to making voice calls – it is all made possible with the internet. But the services and websites that make these tasks possible are not always free. In fact, normally the best sites of their respective services are the ones that require a payment.

But why opt for websites that require payments when you can use sites that are free? For every website that requires a payment, there is another one that offers a free equivalent. However searching for these free equivalents each time you need to use a new web service can be very time consuming. Here to help you with the entire process is CatchFree – a site that maintains an organized list of websites that offers free services.


Each time you are about to use a web service – sharing a large file with friends, streaming complete movies, etc. – you cannot spend the time looking for the best web service; it would be simply be too time consuming. Here to provide you with that information automatically is CatchFree. CatchFree ranks the best free websites categorized according to their particular web services. The sites covered include at least one permanently free package without any catches – something that CatchFree derives its name from. So the next time you have to find out the best free way to create your own website or stream an entire movie, simply head on over to CatchFree and follow the steps we have mentioned below.


When you visit CatchFree, you will view a list of various web services. The list will cover nearly all tasks you use the internet for.


By default, these websites are sorted according to popularity. But you can rearrange them according to other factors.


Or if you are looking for a particular web service, you can use the keywords search.


In case you want an explanation for a particular web service, simply place your mouse pointer over it and details will be displayed in a window that appears.


Clicking on the service will reveal the top 2 free websites offering that particular service. For streaming videos, for instance, the top 2 websites turned out to be YouTube and Hulu.


Apart from the top 2 site, you can view other top sites ranked orderly.


For each site, you can view its user rating, Facebook likes, and the platforms it works on. You can also see if the site requires a download and user-friendliness and value are graded.


These ranked websites appear under a tab named “Compare free apps”. You can use the other available tabs to read the frequently asked questions and user comments. You can even submit a new application that is not on the list but you feel it should be; for this action you will need to sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account.


By viewing all this information about the ranked websites, you can easily determine which free website offers what you are looking for.


While CatchFree offers a simple service, it is still a highly valuable one. By using users’ opinions to rank free websites and sorting them according to the service they offer, the site has provided an invaluable tool particularly to amateur computer users. People looking for a free alternative to the paid app they are using will also highly benefit from this website. In conclusion, CatchFree deserves to by bookmarked by all computer users.

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