How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription from Your iOS Device or iTunes

How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription from Your iOS Device or iTunes

It’s clear that the response to Apple Music has been mixed at best with early stage syncing issues or complicated UI added to the mess that is iTunes. If you’re one of those users who tried Apple Music because it was free for 3 months (hey, why not?), but you don’t plan on sticking around, you’ll want to cancel your Apple Music subscription.

Below I’ll show you how to do that on your iOS device or via iTunes.

Cancel Apple Music Subscription On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

1. Open the “Music” app on your device and tap the “Profile” icon in the top-left corner (the one that slightly resembles a person).


2. From this profile view tap “View Apple ID.”


3. Here, under the “Subscriptions” heading, tap “Manage.”


4. You’ll see all your memberships here. Tap the “Apple Music Membership” option.


5. Now you’ll see details of your subscription and renewal options. All you have to do is turn off “Automatic Renewal” to cancel your Apple Music Membership.


Once that’s done, Apple Music will stop working after the date specified in the above screen.


Via iTunes on Your Mac or PC

Do you use iTunes to listen to Apple Music on a Mac or PC? More power to you. You’ll be glad to know that you can cancel the Apple Music subscription from your PC or Mac as well.

1. To get started, open “iTunes” and make sure you are signed in with your Apple ID. If not, click the “Sign in” button besides the “Search” bar after going to the iTunes Store.


2. If you’re already signed in, you’ll see your name in that box. Click it and select “Account Info.” You’ll be asked to enter your password again.

3. In the “Account Info” page, scroll down until you see “Settings.”

4. Spot the “Subscriptions” section and click the “Manage” button beside it.


5. You’ll now see all your memberships listed. Click the “Edit” button besides “Apple Music Membership.”


6. From “Automatic Renewal,” select the “Off” radio button.


It’s now cancelled.

Why Did You Leave?

For me, Apple Music became almost unusable at a low bandwidth (which happens a lot where I live). But why did you decide to jump ship? And where did you end up? Spotify? Share with us in the comments below.

Khamosh Pathak
Khamosh Pathak

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