Can Yahoo! Make a Comeback and Rise From the Dead? [Poll]

Not too many years ago Yahoo! wasn’t just an exclamation. It was a very successful Internet search engine that also had mail services. Yet we’re not using Yahoo! anymore as a search engine; we’re Googling. And we’re not using Yahoo! mail anymore; we’re using Gmail. Can Yahoo? make a comeback and rise from the dead?

Everyone is familiar with their commercials from around that time, making it hard still to see the logo without shouting, “Yahoooo!” They branched out into additional services such as Flickr, News, and Yahoo! Messenger. Google came along, and it seems Yahoo! lost their way. They decided recently to turn things around, hiring Marissa Mayer away from Google to be the new CEO. She’s set to work making a lot of changes to turn the company around, including acquiring Tumblr.

But are Mayer’s changes enough? Will Tumbler and several other acquisitions turn it all around? Will the changes to Flickr and Yahoo Mail bring people back into the Yahoo! fold? Or has Internet traffic permanently migrated away from all these services? Can Yahoo? make a comeback and rise from the dead?

Here are the results of last week’s poll:


Nearly three-quarters of the people responding don’t want to be a part of Google’s shared endorsements policy and plan to opt out as soon as they can. Equal amounts of those responding, at thirteen percent each, are either planning on being more careful with what they +1 to control what is published or don’t even care enough about it to change the settings. Very few responders like the idea and feel it will better promote their product.