Can Chromebook Replace the Desktop PC? [Poll]

Chromebooks have been garnering a lot of excitement. This is in party because they seem to fall somewhere in the middle – not as much of a workhorse as a desktop PC, but more so than a tablet. But is what they have enough to someday replace the desktop PC?

Introduced in 2011, Chromebooks definitely seem to be catching on. They started out being sold by Acer Inc and Samsung, and later were also sold by Lenovo, Hewlett Packard and even Google. They do have one downfall – they’re designed to work while connected to the Internet, but a few apps do work in offline mode. Additionally, they only offer storage via the cloud. Peripherals such as mice and external keyboards can be added, but by the time you do that, is it better just to buy a desktop PC to begin with? Some users aren’t looking for more. All they want to do is precisely what Chromebooks are offering – browse the Internet, check email, play videos, and check the social networks. As referenced in the Make Tech Easier article “Should Microsoft Be Scared of Chromebooks?” Microsoft seems to be a little worried as they are producing commercials directly slamming Chromebooks.

Are Microsoft’s fears substantiated? Could the the Chromebook someday take over the desktop PC, a market dominated by Microsoft? Or will it always be seen as a “lesser” product and never be able to make too much of a dent in the PC market?

Can Chromebook replace the desktop PC?

Can Chromebook replace the desktop PC?

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