Protect Your Privacy with Camera Guard Pro for Mac

We all saw the picture earlier this year. There was clearly a piece of tape on Mark Zuckerberg’s laptop covering up his webcam. That really made everyone think. If someone on that level protects his privacy, maybe we all should as well. Introducing Camera Guard Pro for Mac, the security your Mac’s webcam and microphone need. It will block and observe everything that has access to the webcam, thereby preventing hackers or the government from gaining access to your Mac.

  • Known and unknown attack attempts will be proactively reported and restricted with Deep Detectiveâ„¢
  • Be sure that your voice won’t be recorded without your permission with microphone protection
  • Make it a complete security solution by using it in conjunction with other anti-virus or firewall software
  • Identify security breaches when they happen with real-time reporting and logging

Pick this up for less than $10.

Camera Guard Pro for Mac

Bonus: Almond Audio Wire-Free Stereo Earbuds


The biggest hassle with earbuds is the wire. It’s great that they’re small enough to fit in your ear, but you still have to deal with the wire. That is, unless you have the Almond Audio Wire-Free Stereo Earbuds. They feature a comfort-fit design that allows you the ultimate in flexibility. They work on a CST Bluetooth 4.1 chip and give you the type of sound you’re looking for, while not forcing you to put up with a streaming delay like with other wireless listening devices.

  • Being weather- and sweat-proof allow you to wear these throughout exercising
  • Feel free to roam around without carrying your phone with a range of up to thirty feet
  • Answer your phone calls directly through the earbuds
  • Adjust the volume and switch songs without going back to your phone

Get these earbuds for 46% off for just $69.99.

Almond Audio Wire-Free Stereo Earbuds

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