5 Useful Camera Features You Are Taking for Granted on iPhone 6 and 6S

The iPhone 7 recently dropped, and naturally most iOS fans are beginning to hate everything about their current iPhone 6s and 6S Plus as they read more about the new model. Although some of us aren’t quite impressed enough with the 7 to abandon our 6S just yet, the improved camera quality is certainly something the majority of us might enjoy when we choose to switch.

If you’re one of the many iPhone lovers getting down on your older model now that a newer one is available, taking another look at the capabilities of your iPhone 6 might just help you get through until you eventually purchase the 7 (or the 8).

Here are five iPhone 6/6S camera features you might be taking for granted.

1. Fast/Slow video filming

iPhone lovers were really excited about this feature when it first dropped, but now its use has tapered off a bit. If you haven’t used your fast/slow filming function in a while, it might be time to start using it again.

Even if you feel as though you’ve exhausted your use options for slow motion videos, there are probably a lot more videos you could create that could be your next Instagram hit.


As for the fast forward feature, you can create some pretty cool video compilations using clips from your vacations and this function.

2. Panoramic photos

This was another feature that iPhone users were super excited about when it first came out. The idea of being able to take full width photos with a mobile device was pretty incredible to iPhone users when the option to take panoramic photos on their devices was first introduced. Although capturing the full view from a gorgeous mountaintop or high-rise building seemed easy enough using the feature, many of us quickly realized that snapping a panoramic pic without warping the photo’s subject isn’t completely foolproof.


If you’ve tried and failed to take the perfect panorama pic before, you’re definitely not alone! It just takes some practice to get the process down to perfection.

3. Photo bursts

The iPhone’s photo burst feature is often overlooked by device users. In fact, many of us use it on accident, realizing later when we’re looking back at the photos that we took a photo burst. Although it’s not necessarily the most popular feature, iOS photo burst can actually produce some pretty cool moving images if you use it correctly.

Whether you’re filming an action shot or creating a play-by-play image from a prank, the photo burst feature can help you make a flip book out of any moment. One cool application recommended by CNET is to use the feature to create your own GIFs.

4. HDR

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. The HDR feature on your iPhone takes a series of photos and combines the best elements of each one to create one shot that is nearly perfect in terms of balance and exposure. So if you’re sick of photos that look overexposed or full of shadows on your iPhone, check out your HDR setting to see if you can fix the problem.


5. In-camera zoom

The in-camera zoom on your phone might not sound like the most exciting feature on the surface, but it can actually serve as a helpful tool when you’re working on the perfect group photo shot. This feature is pretty self explanatory, so there really isn’t much to say about it other than that you should remember it the next time you’re attempting to get the perfect close-up.

Your iPhone 6 or 6S might not be the newest, shiniest device on the market, but you have to admit that it’s still pretty cool. It’s totally possible that you’ve already used these features, but it might be worth getting your inner photographer/videographer on with your phone once again to appreciate the cool features it offers before you throw it out for the newest model.

Cosette Jarrett
Cosette Jarrett

Cosette is a tech and lifestyle writer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She's worked as a writer in the tech sphere for a little over five years, currently specializing in providing practical ISP and consumer tech tips. In her free time, Cosette enjoys spending time hiking, biking, and snowboarding in Utah's beautiful backyard.

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