Call of Duty Coming to iOS and Android. Pre-Register for Beta

Do you get done with a long day of work and just look forward to getting home to play Call of Duty on the computer, X-Box, PlayStation, etc. to relax for a bit? Soon you won’t have to wait to get home, as Activision has announced it will be launching Call of Duty: Mobile for iOS and Android.

Call of Duty: Mobile Beta

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter multiplayer game that was first set in World War II when first released by Activision in 2003 and later took on different eras. It’s available on Windows, macOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and more.

But soon Activision will be releasing Call of Duty: Mobile on both iOS and Android. It will include the classic multiplayer modes like Team Death Match, Free-for-All, and Nuketown.

The mobile version of COD will be a free download on the iOS App Store and Google Play. It won’t be available publicly until later this year; however, those of you who are just itching to be able to play it on your phone or tablet can pre-register for access.

Android users can pre-register for access now at Google Play. Sign in, click “pre-register,” and you’ll be automatically enrolled. You’ll receive a notification when the beta is available.


If you’re looking to play on your iPhone or iPad, you can pre-register on Activision’s Call of Duty website. Again, click “Pre-Register Now,” then add your email address and other information. You’ll be notified when the beta is available for you.

The bad part is there was no date given with this announcement of when the beta versions of Call of Duty: Mobile will be available. It’s believed it may be this summer, meaning you just have to wait a few months.

Also, pre-registering for the mobile version of the game does not guarantee the option will be open for you, and there are bound to be many Call of Duty fans who jump at this chance.

But even if you aren’t in the first round of beta testers, you may still get that invite. Activision will be holding several pre-release beta events. Again, these dates aren’t known, but the game will be launching publicly later this year, so they’ll need to get all the beta events in before then.

Supported Devices

It’s also not known exactly what devices the mobile version of COD will be open to. If you have a newer iOS or Android device, you can be reasonably assured that this will be open to you. Activision promises, though, that the development team is “working every day both to optimize the game for high-end phones and to make it broadly accessible for as many other devices as well.”

Are you a COD fan? Are you looking forward to playing on your phone, or do you prefer just to stick with playing on your game system or computer? Let us know what you think of the upcoming beta release of Call of Duty: Mobile in the comments.

Image Credit: Official Call of Duty: Mobile Trailer on YouTube

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