5 of the Best Calendar Apps for Android

If your schedule is just too busy and you always find yourself wondering what the next task is, you should be using some calendar apps. The days are gone when you used paper sheets to keep track of your schedule as some smartphone apps have replaced them. So whether you have got a meeting with your boss or have to pick up your kids from school, the calendar apps will remind you about each of your tasks so you don’t run late. Here are some of the best calendar apps for Android that you can use.

1. Business Calendar


As the name implies, the Business Calendar app for Android lets you put your whole business schedule on a calendar that is easily viewable and shareable. It even integrates with Google Calendar so you can import your older calendars and work with them. If you are not a big fan of text, then you can view calendars in a more graphically represented way that is attractive as well as encouraging. The app also offers search function so you can easily find any item that you cannot with the regular view.

For quicker access to your schedule, it offers a widget that can be placed on any of your homescreens. This way, you get faster access to your calendar and the widget is fully customizable. It definitely deserves a try; so go ahead and get it installed on your device.

2. Touch Calendar


One of the best features of Touch Calendar is it lets you view your entire calendar from a glance, making it extremely easier for you to take a look at what you will be doing for the whole month. It supports pinch and double-tap zoom, so you can easily zoom in and out using your fingertips. It makes adding a new event a breeze by providing simple button combinations. Should you need to go backward or forward to a specific date, you can do so with a simple tap of your finger. For those who need spectacles, you can set the font size right from the Settings menu.

3. Jorte Calendar


Jorte Calendar has been designed for those users who are not very tech savvy. The app claims to offer the best calendar features in the market yet still keep the user-interface as neat as possible. It lets you sync your calendars in the cloud, integrates with Google Calendar and offers plenty of other features you might not want to miss out on. If you ever need to export your calendars, then you can do so using the inbuilt CSV export function.

The app works with the Google Voice Search and Google Maps services to provide you with much better functionalities than anything else.

4. Cal


Cal comes from the developers of one of the best tasker apps –  Any.do. Instead of providing users a cluttered interface with a hell of a lot of features, the app keeps the interface simple and still maintains a good amount of features you would expect from a calendar app. It offers real time sync with your Google and Exchange calendars so you never miss any appointment that has been made on either of these. The app is intelligent in itself as it provides suggestions on who you should meet and where; that is something I have not seen in any other app before. It preserves the basic calendar functions like reminders and recurring events.

All in all, the app is something you should definitely be using if your schedule is just filled with a number of appointments.

5. aCalendar


aCalendar is one of those calendar apps that provides maximum color options to the users. With over forty-eight colors to choose from, you can design your own calendar the way you want. Besides, it has some other great features as well that include flexible recurrences, birthdays and anniversaries from your phonebook and so on. The app makes it easier for you to share your calendar events by providing you with QR codes that when scanned, create calendar entries on the other user’s calendar.


Having your entire schedule written on paper is not a good idea in the days when you can get pretty much everything done on a smartphone. The apps above will definitely help you organize your appointments in a neat and clean manner.

Mahesh Makvana Mahesh Makvana

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  1. Which of these allow for different timezones on event start and end times? I suppose the best calendar apps should include such a feature for frequent travelers, for example.

  2. Hi,

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    It’s our first release, and we have a lot of new features coming up in the nearby future (e.g. Personal Assistent, Meetingplanner) . Maybe it’s interesting for you.


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