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MacOS comes with a fully-featured calendar app, but it’s possible that you may not like it and are looking for a better alternative. With that said, know that you have plenty of options in front of you. Let’s talk about truly the best calendar apps for Mac in 2021 – we have four suggestions we believe you’ll like.

1. Fantastical

Flexibits’s calendar app Fantastical lives up to its name, offering an experience that beats out even Apple’s Calendar app. It lets you connect all your accounts easily – iCloud, Google, Yahoo, and even obscure ones like CalDAV, you name it – then see them all elegantly organized into this app’s stylish interface.

Best Calendar Apps Mac Fantastical

Aside from the standard set of features, you can create calendar sets, which can activate based on your location or at a specific time. You can also create to-do lists, subscribe to calendars, set up conference-call scheduling, add file attachments, take advantage of widgets, and more. You can even check weather conditions for days and weeks ahead.

Without any doubt, Fantastical is the best calendar app for any Mac in 2021. It now comes as a subscription, priced at $4.99/month. You can also lower that price to $3.33/month if you get Fantastical’s annual plan.

2. BusyCal

If you’re looking for a professional calendar app that does it all for you, BusyCal is something you should try. This app integrates all the features you expect from a calendar app. From the ability to add events using natural language to getting multiple calendars together, it can do everything for you.

Best Calendar Apps Mac Busycal

When it comes to features, you get integrated to-do lists and can add travel times for specific events and create different types of calendar lists and calendar sets. The app’s interface is simple but can be pretty complex once you dive deeper. And lastly, BusyCal comes with a menu bar app – which we’re sure many of you are going to love.

If you don’t like subscriptions, this app is for you. BusyCal is priced at $49.99. You can also take advantage of its free 30-day trial, ensuring that you’re investing your money wisely.

3. Google Calendar

Perhaps the reason you want to leave Apple’s Calendar app is not to be tied into the big corporate machine, in which case Google Calendar may not be for you. But with one of the most user-friendly interfaces around and plenty of quality-of-life features, like the option to quickly type appointments and toggle calendars, Google’s free offering may tempt you.

Best Calendar Apps Mac Google Calendar

This web app is capable of scheduling events, responding to and managing events, creating sets of reminders, and sharing and subscribing to calendars. You can also use it to access your notes and tasks. All of that happens in a very clean and modern interface, managing never to overwhelm you. However, that also means some high-end features aren’t available, especially compared to the previous recommendations.

There’s no actual desktop app for Google Calendar. It’s all web browser-based and syncs with the corresponding apps on iOS and Android. But it’s free, and there’s a good chance you don’t want any third-party software clogging up your system.

4. Outlook

We understand that many of you want a dedicated Mac calendar app. However, some want an all-in-one solution instead. That’s the reason we recommend Outlook, as this truly is one of the best calendar apps for your Mac in 2021. It may be “old-school” in some ways, but you’ll be surprised how capable and powerful Outlook has become.

Best Calendar Apps Mac Outlook

As you perhaps already know, Outlook is an email app that integrates features focused on organizing your time. Right off the bat, you get several views: daily, three-day, work week, week, and month. The “work week” view is something you won’t find elsewhere, making Outlook a true productivity enhancer. You can also create templates, subscribe to calendars, share data with others, and more.

You can buy Outlook for $139.99 – which will surely leave you in shock. However, Outlook also comes as part of Microsoft 365 Personal subscriptions, priced at $69.99/year or $6.99/month. That’s how you can get apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Skype. You also get and included 1TB of OneDrive storage. Lastly, there’s an online-based free version as well.


The above are the four best calendar apps for Mac in 2021. No matter which one you pick, you’ll get a more capable set of features than what the default Calendar app offers. And speaking of enhancing your productivity, make sure to check the best (free) productivity apps for your Mac, as well as the best productivity apps for iOS/iPadOS.

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