BytNotes Sets A Reminder Note For Your Contact in Android

How many time have you promise to do a task for your friend only to forget the minutes after? And when they call to remind you, you have completely no idea of why they are calling in the first place. BytNotes is a simple application for Android that allows you to set a reminder note for your contact, so that when they call, you will be notified of the reason that they are calling.

The mechanics behind it is simple. You create a note and assign it to your contact. When your contact calls, the note will pop up showing you the things that you need to know. In this case, you can save the embarrassment of forgetting the things you have promised.

Install Bytnotes from the market (Appbrain link, costs $0.97)

launch Bytnotes on your Android phone. Create a new note.


Once done, tap the back button to save the note.

Tap on the icon beside the note. Choose from your contact list the friend that you want to assign the note to.


That’s it. Whenever your friend call, the note will appear.


In addition, you can set the reminder note to appear for both incoming and outgoing call. At least you know what you going to say before making that phone call to your friend.

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