How to Burn a Windows 7 ISO Image to a DVD

Instead of buying a brand new Windows 7 DVD, some of you might opt to download the ISO image from the Microsoft site and burn it to a DVD yourself. The problem is, a great percentage of the common mass is facing problem getting the ISO image onto the DVD. In this article we will tackle this problem so you can easily burn your ISO into DVD and install Windows 7 on your machine.

Installing ImgBurn

The first and foremost step is to download and install ImgBurn in your computer.

Burning Windows 7 ISO image

  • Open ImgBurn software. You will find many options in front of you.


  • From the given options, select “Write image file to disc“.


  • Navigate to the “Browse for a file” option.


  • Locate the location of the ISO image in your computer. Select the ISO image file from the location and click “Open“.
  • Immediately a new screen appeared requiring you to click on the “Write” option.


  • ImgBurn will now burn your ISO into the DVD. (It is highly recommended to check the Verify box. This will force the software to verify the ISO image).


  • Laptop users may get an error message (as shown below), but don’t panic. Just click “OK” to continue.


  • The burning process will resume. After sometime, you should see the following message assuring you that your ISO image has been burned successfully.


  • You should have a working Windows 7 installer DVD now. We strongly recommend you to Verify your DVD works before booting it to install Windows 7. Do this by going to Computer, double clicking on your optical drive‚Äôs icon, and double clicking on setup.exe. The Windows 7 install tool should load.


Once the verification is successfully done, you are ready to install Windows 7 from the DVD.


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