5 Browser Extensions to Improve Your Browsing Experience

Although it’s fairly easy to browse and use various websites and web apps, there are some extensions that make your browsing sessions even better by letting you do many tasks in the easiest way possible. Some of these even add new features that you never thought of before.

The following are five of the extensions that you can use in your browser for a better browsing experience.

Play helps writers and publications embed the audio version of any article into the article content.

Cato is a command launcher for your web browser. Give Cato an action you’d normally do with your mouse or keyboard, and it will do it for you. The days of remembering keyboard shortcuts and excessive mouse use are over.

WorldBrain’s Memex helps you find previously visited websites and PDFs in seconds. Do a Full-text search through your browsing history and bookmarks.

You can search websites you visited and bookmarked with the words you remember from the text.

Gesturefy is a customizable Firefox mouse gesture addon that supports over forty different actions.

Tab Session Manager allows you to save and restore the state of windows and tabs. It also supports automatic saving.

Our Software Section, in addition to helping you find new software, helps find browser extensions that make your web tasks easier to do. Check it out and let us know what you think.