How to Browse Ubuntu Folders From Your Android Phone On A LAN Network

We have covered several Android apps that allow you to sync your Android to your computer over wireless network. Most of them will turn your Android phone into a web server and you can then access it from your computer’s web browser. What if you want to browse the files and folders in your computer and move them over to your Android phone? In Linux, we can easily setup and start a Samba server so your Android phone can access your computer’s files/folders over LAN network.

Note: For this tutorial, we are using Ubuntu as the reference distro, but it should work for all Linux distro too.

1. Follow this tutorial to configure and setup Samba in your Ubuntu machine.

2. In your Android phone, download the ES File Explorer (Play store link) app. This is a very useful File Manager app that comes with option to browse remote files on a LAN network.

3. Make sure that you are connected to the same wireless network as your Ubuntu machine. Open the ES File Explorer app. At the top, tap the “Local” button.

ES File Explorer Click Local

4. Select “LAN” from the list.

ES File Explorer Select LAN

5. You should be able to see your Ubuntu machine name (or the computer IP address) in the list.

ES File Explorer Server List

If not, go to “Menu -> New -> Scan” to scan for all the shared computers in the network. Alternatively, you can also select “Menu -> New -> Server” and enter the Ubuntu machine IP address and login info manually.

ES File Explorer New Samba Server

6. Once authenticated, you will be able to browse the files/folders on your Ubuntu machine from your Android phone. Make sure you specify the folders you want to share in the Samba configuration in your Ubuntu machine.

That’s it.

1. There are also many other apps that allow you to connect to a Samba server from Android. I just find ES File Explorer easier to use.

2. For the reverse operation (setting up Samba server in Android), you can use the app Samba Filesharing and you will be able to connect to your Android phone from your computer.

Image credit: Robot businessman with folder by Big Stock Photo.


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