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I’m someone who likes to really feel the difference between a gaming chair and an office chair. With the latter, I want to be upright, attentive, and in such a position that everything from my lumbar to my arms is perfectly supported. When I’m in a gaming chair, I want to relax – slouching back nice and low with a gamepad in my hands and a sense of immersion through sound and subtle vibrations.

So the Brazen Panther gaming chair is right up my alley. Designed for gamepad-wielding console or PC gamers rather than keyboard-and-mouse, it’s a real kicker-backer. It’s easy to assemble, doesn’t have a thousand knobs and dials to adjust (except for sound and vibration), and lets you easily get lost in hours-long sessions in front of your screen.

Size-wise, this is very much a chair for adults, with a deep mesh-centred seat that nestles you into that happy place between sitting and reclining. Assembly is very simple. Only the armrests require screwing in, and the base just attaches right onto the chair via a stem. The flexibility of the backrest can be adjusted by a tension lock, but beyond that you’re good to go.

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One of the most convenient features is a velcro strap that attaches the backrest to the seat, and when disattached allows the chair to fold in on itself, making it easy to store or take over to a friend’s house.

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The 2.1 surround sound speakers face outward on the left and right sides of the backrest, with a subwoofer on the back. The sound can be connected to your console, PC or other audio device via an AUX cable or Bluetooth, so essentially, no setup is required. Once you’re connected, you can control volume, vibration and bass via dials conveniently located within arm’s reach on the right side of the chair.

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Sound quality is loud and booming, with more of a focus on deep basses rather than sharp trebles. The vibration uses three separate motors, all located in the lower-back and seat areas of the chair. The vibrations are dependent on in-game audio, and even though there is a “Vibration” dial you can adjust, the strength of vibration is largely tied into how high you set the volume.

While it would be nice to get stronger vibration feedback without having to crank up the volume (and it gets very loud), it still works very well. Playing Metro Exodus, for example, you can feel everything from gunfire to your character’s heartbeat in the lower-back and rear seat area. You spend much of the game aboard a train, and it’s wonderful to feel the chugging of the locomotive going through your body as it moves along the tracks.

The BraZen Panther is a big (yet deceptively lightweight) gaming chair for adults. It thrives in its laid-back simplicity, with the lack of unnecessary controls and toggles being testament to its naturally comfy design.

You can pick up the Panther Elite 2.1 at for £180, or take a look at Brazen’s other gaming chairs there to see which one tickles your fancy. If you want to know more about Brazen Gaming Chairs, head over to the official Brazen website.

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