Stay Productive with Lifetime Subscription

Whether you’re doing work at home, homework for school, trying to pay your bills, or just trying to relax, it’s difficult to get distracted when you’re trying really hard to stick to the task at hand. Lifetime Subscription can help with that. You don’t need to scan through your music library trying to find the right music to stay productive – can take care of that. It uses AI and neurological research to stream music into the background for you to work by, or even study, sleep, or relax. Use to speed right through that to-do list.

  • Listen to an original composition created for your situation, whether you’re trying to work, relax, or sleep.
  • Set the time of the audio stream to the duration of your choice: one hour, two hours, or indefinitely
  • Explore on your own through the recordings and audio tracks in each category
  • Get premium-only content and track your progress

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Are you tired of always trying to find WiFi when you’re on the go? Or are you just tired of contracts and cancellation fees with a mobile phone service? For either of those two situations you need MiFi 500 and One-Year of LTE Internet from FreedomPop. You can get high-speed LTE Internet on ten devices and one year of premiums service. The certified pre-owned FreedomPop will allow you to enjoy the best in technology, a long-lasting battery, and a fast connection for a low price.

  • Keep connected anywhere with this mobile hotspot
  • Includes monthly data rollover, usage alerts, data compression, and premium support
  • Built-in VPN and security allow you to browse securely
  • Never have to worry about contracts or early termination fees
  • Connect up to ten WiFi-enabled devices

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MiFi 500 and One-Year of LTE Internet from FreedomPop

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