Hate Things in Your Ears? Try TJ8 Bone Conduction Headphones Sunglasses for Under $80

If using earbuds really bother you, and you just can’t stand those things being in or around your ears, a great solution is the TJ8 Bone Conduction Headphones Sunglasses for Under $80. They use a different type of hearing technology that doesn’t even go through your outer ear.

With bone conduction technology, sound waves are decoded and converted into vibrations that are received directly in the cochlea, meaning the eardrum is never involved. The sound you hear reaches the ears via vibrations through the bones in your head and skin. There are no earbuds being stuffed into your ears and no pain.

The TJ8 Bone Conduction Headphones Sunglasses combine the two needs in one, meaning when you’re outside, you won’t need to carry both your sunglasses and earbuds. You only need this one set of headphones/sunglasses combined.


Additionally, you’ll be safer outside, as you can hear things such as traffic around you as your ears aren’t being blocked, even though you can still listen to your music or the conversation on your phone. They’re suitable for fitness, hiking, skiing, etc.

The bone conduction sunglasses are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and multipoint pairing. They’re compatible with iOS and Android smartphones or tablets, as well as Mac and PC computers.

The TJ8 Bone Conduction Sunglasses come equipped with three different colors of lenses – Fire, Black, Clear – that you can change out to go from indoor to outdoor use. Get the glasses and three sets of lenses for just $79.99.

TJ8 Bone Conduction Headphones Sunglasses for Under $80

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