BMW 5 Series Gets Built-in Gaming Console

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Playing video games on the go is usually limited to handheld consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch or a mobile phone. Of course, you could also spend a small fortune to install an Xbox One or PlayStation 5 into your car, but that would be highly impractical. However, you wouldn’t need to if you bought the new BWM 5 Series, as it will have a gaming console built in.

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Game on the Road

Cars are becoming more technologically advanced with every iteration. For example, a decade or so ago, you had to use a bulky GPS to navigate around town. Now, almost every car has a dash display that directs you to your destination. BMW is taking the in-car experience a step further, by giving drivers and passengers driving the BMW 5 Series a way to play video games when stationary.

The vehicle manufacturer has partnered with the gaming platform AirConsole to bring in-car casual gaming to the display. While stationary in your BMW, you can use your mobile phone, scan the QR code for the game, then through the AirConsole app, use your mobile phone as a controller.

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More titles will be added in the future, but currently, there are about 15 games you can play on the BMW gaming console, including “Go Kart Go,” “Golazo,” “Music Guess,” and “Overcooked.” The categories span several genres: racing, sports, quiz simulation, strategy, and puzzle games.

BMW is also launching a unique wrap for the i5, so you can show off your love for gaming wherever you drive. “Its design symbolizes diving into the gaming experience down to the individual pixels. The large pixels are clearly recognizable as an homage to the now iconic 8-bit era of computer games,” the company explained in a press release.

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This isn’t the first time that you can play video games in your car. If you have a vehicle that’s compatible with Google’s Android Auto, you also have access to a wide selection of casual games. Available through the system’s Google Assistant, you can try “Trivia Crack”, “Jeopardy!”, “Song Quiz”, and Google’s own “Are You Feeling Lucky?” while waiting in a parking lot.

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