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Did the pictures of your precious moments turn out blurry because you didn’t have a good grip of the phone? A potential solution is to simply take multiple shots of your favorite moment. But if you’re stuck with just one blurred example of the photo, it isn’t easy to fix blurry pictures without professional tools.

Let’s find out how to overcome the problem of blurry images in the easiest manner. We will cover native camera features and third-party apps which remove blurred regions using AI enhancements. We can also use these techniques to remove the blur in older pictures imported from printed photographs.

Use Android Camera’s Native Functions to Fix Blur

Most higher versions of Android have native, AI-based editing features, such as skins and filters to correct any blurs. Look closely for any included options, such as “natural,” “clear,” “fresh,” or “tranquil.”

Blurry Android Pic Example

The following example is an extreme picture which is heavily blurred. In most cases, it happens when the camera is shaking slightly while the pictures are taken. The Android camera’s native functions may be able to fix it. If not, then we need to use a professional app to get better results.

Blurry Android Styles

Use Remini App to Fix Blur in Android Photos

Remini is one of the best photo enhancements apps in Play Store.

Blurry Android Pic Remini Launchscreen

To use the app, you need to create an account using an email or Facebook/Google. You can easily create additional accounts to keep trying the free version, which fixes up to 10 images. The Pro version has advanced unblurring capabilities.

Go to the “Enhance” menu on the app’s homescreen.

Blurry Android Pic Remini Enhance

The enhance function helps optimize your photos for enhanced facial features and a sharper background. It can help reduce noise and strange-looking pixels and works well on low-resolution and blurry photos. Click “use it” to proceed with the deblurring.

Blurry Android Pic Remini Enhance Homescreen

As soon as you select the target picture, click the red button at the bottom which will “create a task.” This will display an ad while the task is being processed. Of course, you can remove these ads in the Pro version.

Blurry Android Pic Remini Creating Task

The final output is visible in a comparison screen with two panes: “before” and “after,” separated by a vertical slider. Move the slider around to check for any improvements in blurriness.

Blurry Android Pic Before After

Once satisfied, save the image, which can now replace the original blurred photo.

Blurry Android Pic Remini Saved

For heavy-resolution deblurring and multiple choices for best results, the app’s pro version is cheap and provides more options.

Blurry Android Pic Remini Pro

Other Apps to Unblur Images

There is another app in an experimental stage called Dehaze Image (Hexel), which also does a good job at fixing blurred pictures. Once you are in the homescreen, click “Enhance Image.”

Blurry Android Pic Hexel

Here you get two options. The first is an auto-remover which removes blur. The second is a manual remover. Select the auto-remover option and “remove blur.”

Blurry Android Pic Hexel Autoremover

The image below is being processed. It shouldn’t take very long.

Blurry Android Pic Hexel Processing

If you’re not satisfied with the auto-remover option, go to the manual option and click “sharp,” which will give you more image accuracy.

Blurry Android Pic Hexel Manual Sharpen

Once done, save the image to replace the old one.

Blurry Android Pic Hexel Image Saved

Here we have learned to fix the blurry images on Android phones using native and app methods. To fix an Android phone with a broken screen, follow this guide. You can also recover any deleted photos.

Image credit: Sharp sight concept. Blurred and sharpen eyesight by DepositPhotos

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