How to Block Unwanted Contacts In Google Chat [Quick Fix]

If you are using Gmail, you will find that it has this habit of adding your email respondents to your contact list. To make it even worst, it even automatically add those contacts to your Google Talk account, making it very cluttered and messy. I am not sure about you, but 99% of the time, I only want to chat with my personal friends (on Google Chat) and not with any strangers that I have previously emailed to.

Here’s how you can block unwanted contacts in Google Talk and also prevent Gmail from auto-adding them to your chat list in the future.

1. Login to your Gmail. You should see your Google Talk account on the left.

2. Hover your mouse pointer to the contact that you want to block. On the popup that appears, click on the “Video and & More” button. Select “Block”.

(Sorry Josh, I am not really blocking you. It is just for illustration purpose)

That’s it. You have successfully blocked the unwanted contact. Next go to the Settings option (at the top right hand corner). Click on the “Chat” option.

In the “Auto-add suggested contacts” section, select the option “Only allow people that I’ve explicitly approved to chat with me and see when I’m online”.


Save the Settings. That’s all you need to do.


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