How To Block Specific Programs In Windows 7

AppLocker is a new Windows 7 feature that will allow you to control the usage of your computer’s applications. Just a quick list of things you can do with this new function:

  • Restrict apps to inexperience users: How many times have you lost an entire day because your children have clicked on the wrong button?
  • Limit your own usage of an application: Sometimes you need to stay focus and do your work, so why not block out the unnecessary noises?
  • In a corporate environment this can be your best friend to control the usage of programs.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to block the usage of Microsoft Excel 2010 by an user. You can use the same trick for any other apps. Applocker can accomplish more complicated tasks, but we are not going into every single details.

Note: Applocker will only work in Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise.

First you need to find this feature. Open the Start menu and type gpedit.msc in the search field.


Go to Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Application Control Policies an select Executable Rules:


On the right pane, right click and select Create Default Rules:


You will see three fields all with the “Allowed” permission. This will allow every user to run every program.


Right click your mouse and select Create New Rule:


A wizard will appear. Select Skip this page by default. Press Next.


In this case we want to deny the access to an application for an user, so select “Deny”.


Type the user you want to restrict, you can also select everyone. In this case I restrict a user named “user“.


After that press Next:


Now we are only going to block an executable. As you can see there are several possibilities. Select “File hash” in this case.


Now you browse for Microsoft Excel:


Go to c:\program files\microsoft office\office14:


Press Next:


Select Create:


It might take some time for Applocker to work. The best way is to reboot your system.

Now, everytime you try to launch Excel, you will see the following image:


What other ways do you use to block your apps from external access?

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  1. “Note: Applocker will only work in Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise.”
    So most of WIN7 users are out of the game…

    1. There are other ways to block programs using those version of Windows 7 maybe I should write an article about.

    2. You can read the tutorial here:

  2. I am using Windows 7 Starter. Can you please post a way to block programs in this version of Windows 7? Thanks

    1. I will do that on a next post.

    2. You have the tutorial here:

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