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If you are one of the millions of people regularly tormented by robocalls on your iPhone, this article is for you. Often ringing several times a day, these unwanted calls are the bane of iPhone ownership. Described as unsolicited pre-recorded communications that can come from both national and international sources, these calls almost never end. Fortunately, there is an answer to helping make these unwanted calls come to an end – apps. With this list of iPhone apps, you can put an end to almost all unwanted robocalls for good.

1. Truecaller

Block Robocalls App Truecaller

One of the most popular options in the App Store, Truecaller has a long history of blocking spam calls or SMS messages. So how does it work? Truecaller’s backend system will automatically identify spam and fraud calls before you pick up. The app is free and even lets you find out who is behind the unknown numbers. Once a number comes in, you can copy and paste it into the search bar. From its list of more than 250 million users, the app may be able to identify the pesky source of these robocalls. To help make things even clearer, when a dreaded telemarketer calls, the app screen turns red and essentially turns itself into a giant warning.

2. Hiya

Block Robocalls Apps Hiya

Another one of the most popular anti-robocall apps on the App Store, Hiya is supported in almost every country around the world. This free app claims it analyzes almost 13 billion (yes, with a B!) calls a month to help determine robocalls. All incoming calls to your iPhone are run through the app’s database, and if a match is made, the number is automatically blocked. Subscribe to the Hiya premium plan, and you receive a regularly-updated caller ID database. The best part of this app? There are zero ads on the free version making its sole focus on helping you find a little more smartphone sanity every day.

3. YouMail

Block Robocalls Youmail

While similar in function to the rest of the robocall blocking apps on this list, YouMail is right up there with the best. Replacing your smartphone’s existing voicemail service, YouMail’s software identifies robocallers by their voicemail messages. From there, it builds up a huge database so it can easily identify future robocalls and block them. What do we love most about this app? That it plays a “number disconnected” tone to incoming robocalls to make them think your number is no longer in service. YouMail is one of the few apps on this list that markets itself to business owners as well. Small business owners should give this app a hard look if they want to reduce the number of incoming robocalls.

4. Nomorobo

Block Robocalls Nomorobo

If you can find the number in the app name, Nomorobo claims to have blocked more than 1.2 billion robocalls in its time. That is on top of the app maintaining a list of more than 1.8 billion blacklisted phone numbers. Working directly with the Federal Trade Commission in the U.S. adds additional layers of accuracy. Another benefit to Nomorobo is its ability to separate spam calls from legitimate phone calls. You know the app is working when an incoming call is flagged and your phone only rings once. Users are then given the option to create a “whitelist” of numbers. That is a nice addition to the app, as it guarantees you are not missing important calls. The app is free for the first fourteen days and then requires a small subscription fee each month.


Block Robocalls Robokiller

Another popular entry on this list is RoboKiller which has created its own outstanding reputation for protecting its users. Available as a free app for seven days, this app also has a nominal monthly subscription fee. That fee unsurprisingly provides access to its full feature set. As calls come into RoboKiller, the app’s bots take care of answering calls and put an end to the harassment. These bots act as “real people” so the robocallers are fooled into thinking they are talking to a live person. A full record is kept of each blocked call to review at a later point. This way, you can make sure that no flagged calls are getting through. The best part of RoboKiller is easily its outstanding online reputation that often results in a hilarious job of blocking calls.


While this list hits on some of the most popular apps on the App Store, iOS 13 has its own built-in protections. Listed under Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers, iOS 13 is the newest tool in Apple’s arsenal to assist its users. This functionality has quickly put robocalling companies on the defensive. We hope these apps and Apple’s own tools can put an end to spam calls for good.

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David Joz

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