How to Block Notifications When Taking a Picture in Android

With how powerful smartphone cameras have gotten, it is so easy to take pictures. But notifications can appear at the wrong time, such as when you're about to take a picture.

Since there is an app for just about everything, there is also an app to prevent notifications from bothering you when you're taking that perfect picture. It's a free app and also easy to use.

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How to Block Notifications When Using the Camera App

It can be very annoying when you finally get all your friends in the same spot for a picture, and when you're about to take it, a notification gets in the way. Sure, it will only take a second to swipe away the notification, but sometimes that's all it takes to miss taking the perfect pic.

MacroDroid is an app that lets you set up various triggers and actions, but for this tutorial the steps will show you how to disable notifications when using the camera app.

1. When you first launch the app, tap on the red "Add Macro" button, followed by the "Applications" option.


2. After pressing the Applications option, four options will suddenly appear below it. Tap on the one that says "Application Launched/Closed." You will see a long list of apps you can check, but the option of interest is the camera app.


3. To continue, you'll need to give the app accessibility access. The app will take you to where you can access it in your device's settings. When you've located it, tap on the back button, and you should be taken back to the app.

4. This is the part where you're going to add an action to what you've done. Tap on the Actions tab to the right of the Triggers tab. Swipe all the way down, and tap on the Volume option. When the extra options appear, tap on Priority Mode/Do Not Disturb.


5. If you haven't turned on the "Do not Disturb" mode, the app will ask you to do so. After tapping on the it, you will need to choose what notifications can go through. You can choose from the following options: Allow all, Allow Priority Notifications, Block All, and Alarm Only.


6. To save your changes, tap on the checkmark at the bottom right and prepare to give your creation a name.

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How to Get Your Notifications Back

If you don't create another Macro, then you're going to be in "Do not Disturb" mode for quite some time. Once again, go to the app's main page and tap on the red "Add Macro" option. Tap on applications and again on the "Application Launched/Closed" option.


This time choose the Application Closed option, and choose the camera option from the app list. Select the Actions tab, and select Volume like before. Select Priority Mode/Do Not Disturb, but this time choose "Allow All" from the options. Tap OK and name the Macro. The next time you open the app you will see that you have two Macros created: one to enable "Do Not Disturb" when you open the camera app and the other to close it when you're done using it.


These two Macros will finally help you take pictures without having to worry about notifications getting in the way. Just remember to create the second one that will disable Do Not Disturb when you are done. Don't forget to leave your thoughts on the app in the comments.

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