How to Block the Edge Browser in Windows 10

How To Block Edge Browser In Windows 10

Despite the many tips and tricks Edge has to offer, many users are sill reluctant t use it as their preferred browser for many reasons. It doesn’t have cross-platform support, some users consider it spyware, and it doesn’t have support for extensions (at least for now, though Microsoft says that it is working on that). In Edge you can’t sync your bookmarks and open on various computers as you would in Chrome or Firefox. Edge also has many common vulnerabilities and exposures that are found in Internet Explorer and that make users want to stay as far from Edge as possible.

Regardless of the reasons, if you want to block Edge altogether and use another browser as the default (unfortunately, there is no legal way we can uninstall Edge from our Windows 10 computers), Edge Blocker is a tool you will want to be familiar with.

Edge Blocker is an excellent tool for beginners because it’s so easy to install and use. Do note that you will need administrative privileges for Edge Blocker to work. By running Edge Blocker with administrative privilege, the changes you make will affect all the accounts on a Windows 10 computer.

Warning: users have also reported problems with OneDrive and other integrated tools after using Edge Blocker, but if you’re like me and don’t use OneDrive then you should be OK.

If you do use OneDrive, give the software a try, and if you do experience the same issues, then it’s up to you if you want to uninstall Edge Blocker. If you have been using Edge as your default browser until now, remember to change that before you get the software running.

1. First things first. You are obviously going to need to download Edge Blocker.

2. Extract the file you downloaded to get it running, right-click on the executable file and select “Run as administrator.” If you see the following image, select More Info and choose Run anyway.


3. In the following images, you will see Edge Blocker with a blue and red incomplete circle around it. The blue circle means that Edge Blocker is not enabled, but after clicking on the block button, the circle should turn red.


I told you that installing Edge Blocker was easy; you are done! Now you won’t have to put up with the browser anymore. Feels good, right?


Unfortunately, there is no permanent way to get rid of Microsoft Edge; so, for now, we can either block it or make another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, our default browser. You never know, maybe one day Edge will be a browser we will actually want to use.

Are you thinking of blocking Edge on your computer? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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