How to Block Camera, Microphone and Location Access in Safari for iOS

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Nearly everyone has become increasingly cautious regarding privacy these days. This is for good reason. With multiple privacy breach reports and fights between tech giants regarding how tracking for advertising should take place, you can never be too safe when protecting your private data. The latest version of Safari in iOS now allows you to micromanage your privacy settings. Learn how you can block microphone, camera and location access for websites in Safari for iOS.

Block Microphone, Camera and Location Access through Safari

1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Head over to the website where you want to block camera and microphone permissions and tap on the “aA” icon located next to the website address in the top bar.

Block Access Safari Website Address Bar

3. Next, choose “Website Settings” from the pop-up menu.

Block Access Safari Website Website Settings

4. This will open the website settings menu. Tap on “Camera” to expand the options.

Block Access Safari Website Privacy Settings

5. Now select “Deny” to change and block the camera permissions.

6. Similarly, tap on “Microphone” to expand the options and select “Deny.” Do the same for the Location if you want to deny the access.

Block Access Safari Microphone

That is all you need to do to completely disable camera, microphone and location access for a specific website. Do note that Safari doesn’t let any website access your device’s camera, microphone or location by default. Unless you approve the request through the pop-up menu that shows up when a website requests access, the website will not be able to access your camera, microphone or location.

You can follow the steps above to block your iPhone’s camera and microphone for all the other websites that you may have security concerns with. Blocking the location can be beneficial if you fear that a website is tracking your location data too. These steps should also block unnecessary pop-ups for camera and microphone access.

If you want to block location access for the Safari app completely, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Settings app on your device.

2. Scroll down to “Privacy.”

Block Access Safari Privacy

3. Select “Location Services.”

Block Access Safari Location Services

4. In the list of apps, scroll down and select Safari Websites.

Block Access Safari Safari Websites

5. Here, select “Never” under Allow Location Access.

Block Access Safari Location

That’s it, no website in Safari will be able to access your location.

Have you chosen to block camera, microphone and location access for all websites on your device? You can also block pop-ups in Safari, too, to prevent website pop-ups from irritating you. Lastly, find out all the best features of Safari here.

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