Do You Block the Ads on Your Mobile Device?

The latest OS for Apple mobile devices, iOS 9, has ad-blocking capabilities. While we’ve addressed the importance of blocking ads on a desktop, what about mobile devices? Do you block the ads on your mobile device?

There are a few different reasons why mobile device users might want to block ads. The major reason, of course, is that they’re just plain annoying. While they could be informative, they just don’t come off that way. They can be bothersome. Another reason to block ads is because sometimes they are relying on your personal info to target you specifically, and frankly this gives people the heebie jeebies.

But now that you can block these ads on your mobile, at least in iOS 9, do you take advantage of it? Once Apple allowed it, many apps hit the App Store specifically for this purpose. They promise to block ads from appearing on Safari. The problem, of course, is that ads pop up in so many other places than Safari, such as many third-party apps.

Are you going ahead and taking part in this to block whatever you can? Or do you just let ads run their course?

Do you block the ads on your mobile device?

Do you block the ads on your mobile device?

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