Build Websites without Coding Using Blocs 2 for Mac

Always wanted to create websites but don’t know coding and have no desire to learn? That’s no problem with Blocs 2 for Mac. This web design tool will allow you to do web design visually instead of through code. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a design newbie or an old vet. This intuitive tool is fast and easy to use and can also be fun. It’s as simple as click, select, and edit. That’s all you need to know.

  • Start with a simple interface and work in advanced editing features
  • Create websites with integrated support for both paid and free third-party CMS
  • Get a searchable overview of every page of your project with the Navigator
  • Save time with paint mode, global swatches, auto text coloring, and one-click animations
  • Optimize websites for all medium including desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Allow visitors to comment on web pages with integrated Disqus support
  • Improve SEO results with generated sitemaps
  • Build unlimited sites offline

Start creating at 50% off for just $39.99.

Blocs 2 for Mac

Bonus: Android 360° Camera Attachment


Get complete panoramic images on your smartphone with the Android 360° Camera Attachment. You can take pictures that cover your entire surroundings, allowing you to document everything going on in 8MP quality.

  • Utilize 2MP CMLS
  • Get 8MP still image resolution
  • Film up to 2048 x 1024 at 30fps video resolution
  • Add your own external micro SD card to expand memory

Get this great camera attachment for just $79.99.

Android 360° Camera Attachment

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