7 of the Best Torrent Clients for Windows

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Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing circumvents the need to download content from a single server, making downloads faster and more reliable. Torrent clients are programs that allow you to become part of P2P networks and access files shared on thousands of computers worldwide. The best torrent clients make this process seamless by downloading parts of a file from different computers or peers. Here are the seven torrent clients for Windows that you need to know about.

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1. qBittorrent

Price: Free

For the uninitiated, qBittorrent is an open-source, lightweight, and bloatware-free torrent client for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Some torrent clients prompt you to install additional software or ruin your experience with unnecessary ads. Many users who start using torrents with such clients eventually shift to qBittorrent due to its simplicity, secure downloading, and inclusion of all essential features.

qBittorrent interface overview in Windows.


  • Completely ad-free experience
  • No bundled software on installation
  • Lightweight installer
  • Open-source nature ensures security
  • Minimal, uncluttered interface
  • Remote downloading and prioritizing torrents
  • Built-in search engine, with other features enabled by plugins
  • Cross-platform


  • Interface is a bit outdated
  • Number of extensions could be limiting

2. BitTorrent

Price: Free / starting at $4.95 a year

BitTorrent is the official torrent client for the BitTorrent P2P protocol. Known as the original torrent client, BitTorrent is owned by the company of the same name. Over more than 20 years, BitTorrent has become synonymous with torrents and is a familiar name for Windows, macOS, and Linux users. Its intuitive interface and list of features earn it a place on this list, even if users need to make do with some unwanted ads and software.

BitTorrent interface overview in Windows.


  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Highly lightweight installer
  • Breadth of features, including scheduling and prioritizing torrents
  • Cross-platform with Web version for online downloading and streaming


  • Constant flurry of ads in the free version
  • Flagged as a security concern by a few antivirus apps

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3. uTorrent

Price: Free / starting at $4.95 a year

If you’ve seen uTorrent in action and feel it looks and feels suspiciously similar to BitTorrent, it’s because BitTorrent is a rebranded version of uTorrent. You’ll also notice their pricing structure is the same. The BitTorrent company maintains both clients, while keeping some differences between the two. For instance, BitTorrent allows Web-based seeding and commenting, while uTorrent does not. Even so, uTorrent is the most widely-used torrent client across Windows, macOS, and Linux, and owes its popularity to its compact size, long history, and useful features.

uTorrent interface overview in Windows.


  • Minimal and clean interface
  • Highly lightweight installer
  • Android application for remotely downloading torrents
  • Bandwidth prioritization and automatic turn off, hibernate, and restart after downloading
  • Cross-platform


  • Intrusive ads, even more than BitTorrent
  • Client often takes too long to launch
  • Recent security incident allowed hackers to spy on users’ downloads

4. Vuze

Price: Free / starting at $3.99 per year

Vuze is a powerful BitTorrent client for Windows that works well for both novice and advanced users. Thanks to its simple interface, it’s easy to view all of its major functions at a glance in its sidebar, and the “Getting Started” section does a good job of guiding a new user through the program. You can expect all of the necessary torrent features, like magnet support, bandwidth prioritization, and more, plus an integrated media player and a plugin library for customizing the client to your needs. If you want to enhance functionality further, use a VPN with Vuze to mask your IP address and prevent speed throttling by your ISP.

Vuze interface overview in Windows.


  • Easy-to-grasp interface
  • Packed with features like built-in search, remote downloading, and plugins for customization
  • Integrated video player for playing content within the client
  • Plus version gets rid of ads, allows burning unlimited DVDs, and enables streaming media while downloading


  • Free version has ads
  • Interface design is a bit dated
  • Client is heavy compared to other options
  • Bundled software during installation

5. Deluge

Price: Free

Deluge is less well-known than other clients on this list, but it’s no less powerful. The highlight of Deluge is its customizability, which helps it adapt to your priorities. Using different plugins, you can easily extend its functionality to modify download speeds based on network strength, integrate with browsers, implement schedules, and much more. Its design may not win any awards, but its versatility and open-source nature make it a worthy contender for Windows, macOS, and Linux users alike.

Deluge interface overview in Windows.


  • Endlessly customizable
  • Secure and malware-free due to open source code
  • Great collection of plugins
  • No bundled software
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Cross-platform


  • Interface can appear dated

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6. Transmission

Price: Free

Transmission is a widely-used torrent client that made its way to Windows in 2016 after being available on macOS and Linux for a long time. It is one of the most feature-rich clients on this list and boasts a ton of customization options as well. A lightweight client with a minimal interface, Transmission justifies its position as one of the most preferred torrenting options.

Transmission interface overview in Windows.


  • Ad-free experience
  • Minimal interface
  • Open-source code
  • Fast and light installer
  • Extensive feature set and customization options
  • Supports NAS and home servers, unlike other clients
  • Cross-platform


  • Security incident in the past allowed harmful installers on the website
  • No built-in search engine

7. Tixati

Price: Free

Tixati is an extremely lightweight and ad-free torrent client for Windows and Linux. It takes its “No spyware, no ads, no nonsense” motto seriously while still providing a fast and efficient downloading experience. The interface is minimal and easy to customize using the client’s simple settings. Though it may take some getting used to, Tixati offers a potent blend of clutter-free and ad-free torrenting coupled with powerful features for advanced users.

Tixati interface overview in Windows.


  • Ad-free experience with strong focus on no spyware
  • Minimal interface with distinct look
  • No bundled software
  • Feature-rich and customizable interface
  • Fast and stable downloading


  • Closed-source platform
  • Interface may seem complicated to some users

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a VPN for torrenting?

No matter which torrent client you use, your IP address is visible to both your ISP and malicious third parties. One potential disadvantage of using torrents without a VPN is that your ISP can throttle your connection speed or even suspend it entirely. Another downside can be targeted attacks through malware and spyware based on your IP address. Hence, it’s always recommended to use one of the best and secure VPN services to protect your online privacy.

Is using torrents legal?

Using torrents itself isn’t illegal. Torrents are a great way to download files faster using the shared resources of thousands of “peers” that have the same file stored locally. However, it is illegal to use torrents to download copyrighted material like movies, books, and images that you otherwise need to pay for.

Which of these torrent clients is faster?

One torrent client isn’t inherently faster than another. Your torrent download speed depends on a number of factors, such as your actual Internet speed, the number of seeds and peers of the torrent, your ISP’s stance on torrent downloads, and other variables. But it’s safe to conclude that shifting from one torrent client to another won’t affect your download speed.

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