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In our current economic times, eating out for some individuals is becoming more of a luxury. For this reason, finding deals went from being an added bonus to being a necessity for eating out. Various websites and applications offer great deals and coupons for its users, however, to take advantage of the deals you must remember to check the website or application. Bite Hunter offers the perfect solution to this dilemma. The application gathers deals and coupons from various discount websites, and offers them to you in a map interface. Is Bite Hunter the next best discount app? Read our review to find out.

Download and Interface


After downloading BiteHunter, the application then asks for your location information. You are also asked to connect with your social networking websites. BiteHunter’s ability to get your location will allow them to give you the deals in your town. In terms of the interface, I encountered very few problems with it. One complaint I did have was that when I zoomed out of the map, the map never refreshed to reload new deals. This would have helped in allowing me to see other deals outside of my area. Instead, I had to dig into settings to change my location.

At the top of the map, you can slide to scroll through all of the deal features and options. At the very top, you have the settings module where you can change your location, filter preferences, and connect accounts. Clicking “list” will display all of the deals in list form. Maps will show the deals on a map, this is the default view. BiteHunter offers a ton of features and options that make the application a great deal finder, shopping companion, and money saver.

Features and Options


The main feature of BiteHunter is its ability to find tons of deals in your area. One thing that sets BiteHunter apart from other deal applications is that it grabs from other sites and companies, like Groupon, Living Social, Yelp, etc, offering you with not only the best deals, but the most amount of deals. Along with daily deals and discounts, the “BiteNow!” feature offers the best deals but with a specific time slot. For example, “half off at a café between 11AM and 1PM today”, would be a great example of BiteNow deals. BiteHunter’s gift card feature gives you a percentage off on gift certificates to restaurants in your area. To make things easier, BiteHunter’s “all offers” module allows you to see all of the offers in one list.

BiteHunter allows you to filter the thousands of deals that you are shown based on distance and cuisine. However, it would be nice to have more search preferences, including filtering by neighborhood and price range. Lastly, BiteHunter has modules allowing you to connect with Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook.


How BiteHunter Works

Now that you know what BiteHunter is all about, it is now time to see how BiteHunter actually works. Here is how the BiteHunter application works, from searching to finish:

First, click on any of the categories at the top, from “Daily Deals” to “Happy Hour”


Once you find the deal that you are interested in, click on it to reveal more info.


Then, read up on the redeeming instructions. Most of the time, all you have to do is click the “redeem” button without any extra redeeming instructions.


You are then forwarded to the deal’s website to finish the order. From there, just enter the order information and your discount will be available for you.


On the same page, you have the ability to save the deal for later, rate it, share the deal through email, Twitter, and Facebook, and more information on the deal. When getting directions, the application automatically launches Google Maps. In addition, if there is a deal you find to not be true, you have the ability to “flag” the deal for BiteHunter to review.


All in all, BiteHunter’s end concept is actually a time saving one. One thing I disliked about deal applications was that I seem to always find better deals after purchasing the first one. However, with BiteHunter you see all of the deals at hand, allowing you to get the best deal for your money. Despite a few faults, including the absence of in-app coupon purchasing and better searching tools, Bite Hunter is a great money saver. I would give BiteHunter a 7 out of 10.

Bite Hunter (iTunes link)

Ari Simon
Ari Simon

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