Master Bitcoin with OneMonth’s Bitcoin and Blockchain Bundle: Lifetime Subscription


Cryptocurrency can be a difficult concept for many people, especially breaking down and looking at individual concepts within. If you’re wondering how to make your way through at least one aspect of it, you need OneMonth’s Bitcoin and Blockchain Bundle. Through two courses, you’ll learn about the Bitcoin and Blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

The following two courses are included in this bundle.

OneMonth Bitcoin

Bitcoin is two things: A digital currency and a new technology. OneMonth’s Bitcoin will give you the tools to think intelligently about the technology of Bitcoin and the skills to buy, trade, and store your digital currencies. By the end of this course you’ll be able to speak confidently with friends and co-workers, and you’ll be able to answer that most frequently asked question: “Should I buy Bitcoin?”

  • Access twenty lectures and two hours of content
  • Buy $5 USD of Bitcoin (BTC) on Coinbase
  • Send and receive Bitcoin
  • Set up a Trezor for cold wallet security
  • Understand how to speak about Bitcoin, Blockchain, Altcoins, Ethereum, and much more

OneMonth Blockchain

Have you heard of Bitcoin but never really understood what it is or how it works? Decentralized technology is rapidly revolutionizing the way people around the world exchange value. As this tech advances, entrepreneurs who stay informed and knowledgeable about the way it works will come out ahead of the rest. In this course you’ll learn all of the basics of Bitcoin and the powerful technology that it’s built upon, Blockchain.

  • Access seven lectures and one hour of content
  • Learn how blockchains work
  • Discover why new currency has risen

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