8 Things that Bing Does Better than Google

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Relying on Google to solve every information request is second nature to most of us. While Bing, as a search engine, is a distant second, it’s practically unheard for anyone to claim it’s superior to Google. However, there are a few areas where Bing does better.

Why Bing?

While most people will prefer to use Google, the Microsoft search engine is actually a favored Google alternative in many countries.

For example, in the United States, as of January 2020, Bing commands a healthy 11.87 percent market share of desktop search engines and 12.88 percent for tablet users. If we add Yahoo to the tally (as it is powered by Bing), that would mean a respectable 17- to 18-percent market share.

Although that’s still way behind Google’s pole position, there are a few advantages to Bing users being a forgotten marketing demographic.

1. No Captchas

While binging for search results, you will never encounter a captcha wall, which is a regular problem with Google search. This is one of the reasons I started using Bing, since I am a compulsive search engine user, and Google doesn’t always like it.

Is Bing Better Than Google Horizontal Image Captchajpg

If you’re tired of proving to Google you’re not a bot, Bing will welcome your excessive searches with open arms.

2. Less Effort in Image Scrolling

Bing had originally introduced horizontal image scrolling, which has now been replicated by Google. There are a few differences, though.

Google’s horizontal images open in a side panel which occupies almost half the screen space, only allowing you to preview five or six of these images without scrolling down further. The worst part is when you click on an image – it first directs you to the host website where you have to scroll down once again to trace where it is. This defeats the whole purpose of image previews.

With Bing, searching for good images takes far less effort. The horizontal scrolling panel occupies the entire screen: it feels like a slideshow. You can quickly return to thumbnail view by clicking the close button on top.

Is Bing Better Than Google Horizontal Image Scrolling With Bing

Once you click on an image, you will directly view a full-sized image (in a separate tab) rather than being forced to visit the website first. Bing allows you to quickly view multiple images across different tabs.

Is Bing Better Than Google Horizontal Image Scrolling Bing Full Size Image

3. More Visual Search Options

While Google allows you to “search by image,” it limits you to pasting image URLs or uploading them from your computer. Bing Visual search additionally lets you drag images from your desktop or take a photo with your webcam/phone.

Is Bing Better Than Google Reverse Image Search

4. Advanced Video Search

If you’ve never tried Bing’s video search engine, it’s time to give it a go. You’ll be surprised at how developed the platform is.

All the video search results are organized using neat thumbnails which can be scrolled with horizontal arrow keys. To view the same number of videos on Google’s video search, you will have to scroll much more.

Is Bing Better Than Google Video Thumbnails

But that’s not where the differences end. You can directly play Bing videos in full-screen mode without having to visit YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, CNN, Fox, or other sites. In comparison, Google will always direct you to YouTube or other sites first.

Bing videos also gives superior results to Google video search. It is at least as good as YouTube in terms of algorithmic suggestions because you just won’t need to visit YouTube unless you want to read the comments.

Is Bing Better Than Google Video Thumbnails Playing

5. My Saves

Is Bing Better Than Google Horizontal Infinite Bing My Saves

It’s a whole new experience in search engines which many people aren’t aware of. Say goodbye to saving bookmarks or favorites. Bing prominently displays a feature called “My Saves” which allows you to save all search results in one place. If you save “My Interests,” you get search suggestions on your favorite topics of choice. Again, it’s the kind of feature you generally find on YouTube.

6. Additional Privacy Settings

Bing allows you to totally turn off interest-based advertising from “Other Privacy settings.” While it is well-connected with Windows, Skype, XBox, and Office, you have a clear choice not to use your Microsoft account. As a user, you are in complete control of your privacy.

Unlike Google, Microsoft does not use “content-based targeting,” so your emails, chats, files, and other personal stuff are not tracked for advertising.

Is Bing Better Than Google Privacy Search

You can delete all search histories from the Microsoft Privacy dashboard.

7. Office 365 Integration

Is Bing Better Than Google Office Integration

Bing integrates quite well with Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and Excel. For example, while creating a PowerPoint presentation, you can directly use a Bing search for the keywords. It will immediately fetch search results from Creative Commons which can be directly inserted in the presentation, the same way you get Bing search options during a Skype chat.

8. Overall Look and Feel

Is Bing Better Than Google Wallpapers

Compared to Google’s spartan interface, Bing feels more colorful and inspirational. The wallpapers are changed frequently.

Main Drawback of Bing vs. Google

Now that we’ve described several pros of using the Bing search engine, it’s important to discuss its biggest drawback which is:

Bing is not Google.

In terms of conventional search engine results and accuracy, Bing and other search engines have a long way to go before they can deliver Google-level performance. This means Google does way better in terms of more search results, more relevant search results, and a better understanding of user intent.

As long as other search engines don’t improve their search results quality, Google search will remain unchallenged.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I am now using Bing at least 40 percent of the time because I don’t want to deal with Google’s captchas. I am increasingly using its image and video search features. Bing also integrates very well with the new Microsoft Edge browser, which is what I am using now.

However, when it comes to regular search queries, most people, including me, prefer Google search engine over Bing. There are many reasons. For example, Bing Maps is not nearly as user-friendly as Google Maps. However, most operators common with Google are usable in Bing as well.

Do you like to use Bing search engine? Please share your experiences in the comments.

Sayak Boral Sayak Boral

Sayak Boral is a technology writer with over ten years of experience working in different industries including semiconductors, IoT, enterprise IT, telecommunications OSS/BSS, and network security. He has been writing for MakeTechEasier on a wide range of technical topics including Windows, Android, Internet, Hardware Guides, Browsers, Software Tools, and Product Reviews.


  1. “Bing prominently displays a feature called “My Saves” which allows you to save all search results in one place. ”
    It also allows Bing to peruse “My Saves” and tailor search suggestions based on your past searches. It may be convenient but certainly does nothing for privacy and security.

    “Bing allows you to totally turn off interest-based advertising from “Other Privacy settings.””
    That is false privacy. It may protect your privacy from advertisers but does not protect your privacy from Bing and Microsoft. Anyway, I get a more completer privacy protection from uBlockOrigin. For more privacy, I use DuckDuckGo which does not record searches and does not track the user.

    “Compared to Google’s spartan interface, Bing feels more colorful and inspirational.”
    Form over function. I use a search engine to search the Internet, not to provide me with a visual show. Visual displays put additional burden on the CPU/GPU which impacts the performance of the search engine.

  2. I read sometime ago on one of the forums that Bing was suggesting disreputable information, For that reason I will never use Bing for any search. In fact, I’ve dsiabled it in my Windows 1o search./

  3. Another advantage Google has over Bing is that Microsoft stubbornly continues to avoid creating an advanced search version of the Bing website. However, I detest Google’s recent move to hide URLs in their search engine’s result listings, making you mouseover to see them or displaying them in “breadcrumb” versions. I started using Yahoo Advanced Search instead of Google, but now Yahoo won’t let me use a bookmarklet which changed the background color into a light gray, which is easier on my eyes. Right now I’m on the lookout for yet *another* search engine to change to.

  4. I love to use Bing for reading stock prices and market histories, right in the results you can find good graphs.

  5. I don’t use Bing to Search. With google if you put in a URL that you think is correct – and it is – it will take you directly to that page, with Bing it gives you the search results – often with other pages ahead of the one you suggested. With google I just type “www. and it will take you to https://www.. Bing does a full seach and you still need to scan the search results to find the page you are looking for. So much more convenient.

  6. The elephant in the room: Bing does a much better job with pr0n. Privacy-focused search alternatives that use Bing as a backend, also deliver those better results. Google’s algorithm is a distant second but I suspect that this is by design. Google censors (and manipulates) an awful lot of information and pr0n images are likely a part of that.

  7. I use Bing cause it is my favourite, you have Microsoft rewards and you can redeem them on stuff that is usually paid.

  8. Indeed , also google censoring a lot of reults regarding israeli crimes. Now i use bing and find what i am seraching for .

    Also the video serach function of bing is perfect. While youtube censors the honest channels and presents you ”Netanjahu propaganda” ( for example ) …bing would show me those channels with facts in the firts results. Try it!

  9. Too much censoring is going on with Google. Very rarely do I use. With elections coming Google is doing massive censoring of conservative information. I will stick with BING.

  10. Google censorship is a turn off they are political looking 4 neutral want a fair approach from both sides wanna get away from Google looking 4 alternative

  11. After years of Google, I now use Bing 100% of the time and my children are all attached to a family account as well. I never use Google! Sure, if you search for something on Google (being an advertising company) you will get thousands of more results, but why to you need them. Bing’s results to the point and limited. Bing’s ability to never encounter a captcha walls is wonderful as well. I will never understand why people use an advertising company to search the world and thing their information is not being bought and sold in any way they choose!! BING IT!!

  12. I changed to Bing since my virtual school started. Sure, in Google there are many search results but you sometimes have to search through it a lot to find what you’re looking for (I cant find a purr-fect AlderxVelvet picture in google!) unlike Bing.

  13. I think your list is accurate, but you left off one of the biggest reasons to use Bing. Microsoft will literally *pay* you to use it. And pay pretty well too. That’s what drew me in originally (call me shallow, but Google was making tons of money off of me so I figured it was only fair I get paid). It’s a good enough search engine and I get free stuff from Amazon for using it. That’s a big deal.

  14. I started using Bing because Google started becoming less and less reliable: crashing often, starts breaking when I open Roblox, etc. It’s still good, but I think it’s time my loyal servant retires from its duty, and be replaced by a faster, stronger, and reliable search engine.

  15. Yeah, you think like me. I like google better too because is has better search results but bing still has amazing features!

  16. I would like to see a search option similar to the buttons; ‘images’, or ‘videos’ that simply is ‘NOT NEWS’ and less important one button ‘NOT SHOPPING’ also.

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