Do You Think Bezel-less Phones Are Useful or Just a Gimmick?


The hottest trend right now in smartphones seems to be the bezel-less phone. Without a bezel you can have more screen real estate, and it looks much cleaner as well. But are they really necessary? Or are they something just meant to increase sales? We asked our writers, “Do you think bezel-less phones are useful or just a gimmick?”

Our Opinion

Damien has had the chance to test a bezel-less phone and thinks “it is a good thing to have but not a necessity.” He notes that with the bezel-less phones that are currently on the market, the screens are so large that it’s difficult to move your thumb around the whole screen. “I actually had finger fatigue while using it.”

Jeffry doesn’t think bezel-less phones are useful or a gimmick, noting bezels used to be a technical limitation. However, now that bezels are no longer a necessity, he believes bezel-less phones will start flooding the market. He does see one positive, that “users will get larger screens on smaller phones,” whereas the big negative will probably be the price.

Miguel agrees that it’s neither useful nor a gimmick. He adds that “aesthetic improvements are part of what make a phone ‘stick out’ to the public,” so when manufacturers design phones to be bezel-less, it “comes from an incentive to cater to consumer preference with the appearance of their devices.”

Phil figures “such things are more marketing led than consumer led.” His experience has been that there is a “sweet spot” as to the correct size of a screen, “an optimum operating area, and that’s ergonomics rather than style.” He thinks a bezel-less phone would be a “joy to use” as long as it’s “shaped by usability rather than bling.”

For Fabio it doesn’t matter as long as the user “gets a similar or better experience.” Yet he does have to admit that larger screens are attractive to him.

Ryan just thinks they look cool, useful or not. He often had inquiries about the Xiaomi Mi Mix that he had. Additionally, he says, “bezel-less phones also tend to have higher specs compared to other flagship devices.” He agrees with Jeffry that it allows you to have a smaller phone with a larger screen. “As long as the other functions of the phone operate as intended, in my opinion there’s no issue.”

Bezel-less phones aren’t really a big thing for me. I wouldn’t walk across the street to get one. I’m more into function. However, I do like a smaller phone, so I’d like the larger screen size. That said, when the iPhone 8 is introduced, if they do come out with a bezel-less version and it’s on a larger phone, I won’t be buying it.

Your Opinion

How do you feel about bezel-less phones? Do you think they’re neither useful nor a gimmick? Or do you think they’re cool? Do you think bezel-less phones are useful or just a gimmick? Join our conversation below in the comments.

Image credit: 3D illustration of next generation bezel-free smartphone laying flat

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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