Beware of Fake PS5 Sales – Concrete Block Sold on eBay

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There is no doubt that the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S are hot-ticket items this holiday season. It’s led to a big push for people to get one for their favorite gamer on their shopping list. A simple warning to not be too desperate, though, as a man spent nearly $900 on a PS5 on eBay and received a concrete block in the mail.

The PS5 Sale on eBay

There’s a mad scramble to find a PlayStation 5. Like usual with popular gifts at Christmas, they sell out early, and people who don’t start the search early enough miss out and are left desperately searching online and at brick-and-mortar stores, trying to score one. All this mad rush does is pump the price up just that much more.

The PS5 retails for $499. A Utah man was able to end his search when he found a PS5 on eBay. The price had been jacked up, and he bought it for $878. Whether he planned to keep it for himself or sell it, it was obviously a good find, or at least it seemed so at the time.

Ps5 Ebay Concrete

When the item was shipped to the man’s home, he opened the package to find a PlayStation 5 box inside. However, once he opened the box, he found a concrete block inside instead.

What to Do If You’re Swindled

The Utah man went to his local police station in Utah and explained his plight. He was informed he should get his money back for the PS5 because of eBay policies regarding buyer/seller protections.

However, the police also issued a warning to others to be cautious when buying items that are not from stores. They especially pointed to items from sellers who have zero feedback scores as not being a good practice.

Ps5 Ebay Listings

It would also be a good idea to just check out the policies before you put down hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars. You can check out in the screencap above what the going rate is now on eBay. That rate is only going to get higher the further we go through the holiday season.

If you’re still unsure whether a new gaming console is the right way to go, read on to learn how the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S will change PC gaming forever.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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