How to Better Organize Apps on Your iPhone

There are over two million apps in Apple’s App Store. Not that all of them can fit on our iPhone, but I am pretty sure the few that you have installed are already cluttering up your home screen. You are probably looking for a better way to organize your apps for quick and easy access when you need them. After all, apps are designed to make our lives better and more efficient. However, the struggle to organize them when they’re a colorful mishmash collection of icons can be frustrating.

Solve this problem using these creative ways to organize apps on your iPhone.

1. Folders


Put your apps in a folder, or use different folders like action-based folders or emoji folders.

Action-based folders are those that lead with an actionable verb such as Read, Learn, Listen, or Watch, instead of Productivity, Utilities, and other vague category names. Next time you try to find an app, just determine its purpose and find the relevant folder quickly.

You can also use emoji folders to let you know what they hold. This can be anything from cameras, brains, paperclips, headphones and such like icons. For example, for photo editing or gallery apps, you can have a camera emoji. Music apps like Deezer or Spotify can have a music note symbol emoji.

To make a folder:

  • Drag an app onto another app
  • Tap the name field or to rename the folder
  • Drag apps into the folder

Note: you can have more than one page in a folder.

2. Your phone-holding style


If you think about how you hold your phone and use your thumb to flip through to find apps, it can be easier to place frequently-used apps at that point.

For example, if you open apps easily from the perimeter of your iPhone, the apps can be placed strategically around the edges.

3. App usage frequency


Every iPhone user has a different way of using their device. Some launch the same type of apps every day and hardly know what else exists. Others download more apps or games every week or just use some often for various activities.

The home screen is built to hold the most useful apps, for single tap access, so folders are best kept on the second screen, as it doesn’t need many taps and swipes to access.

However, you can organize your apps on your iPhone based on the apps you use the most by checking “Settings -> Battery”. This will display a breakdown of battery usage for each app.

To see how long you use each app, tap the Clock icon. Demote or delete apps you no longer use, and keep the home screen relevant and useful by evolving apps based on usage.

The apps can be organized further in order of the frequency of usage.

Tip: keep no more than three home screens for a clean and easily accessible phone. The first page is for the most important apps, the second page for folders organized in subjects or categories, and the third screen is for the least-used or distracting apps like games.

4. Color Codes


Apps can be organized by color, especially if your brain works better by color association.

With such a scheme, apps that are of the same color, for example Messages, WhatsApp and Spotify that share green, or LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter that share color blue, can be grouped together.

Color association helps you navigate your iPhone faster than having black and white name labels. It also helps you run your life better despite the rainbow color scheme on your screen.

5. Alphabetize your apps

This is a tried and tested way of organizing your iPhone, though you might end up with many home screens if you don’t use folders.

To sort out your apps on your iPhone, instead of alphabetizing them manually, do this:

  • Launch Settings app
  • Tap General
  • Scroll and tap Reset
  • Tap Reset Home Screen Layout

The pre-installed icons will be placed on their default locations, while other apps are alphabetically arranged.

6. Arrange apps in themed rows


Like color-coding, you can arrange related apps in themed rows. For example, communications apps, work tools, photos, games or music apps can have each their own row.

Consistency and enforcing your own rules is the only way you can approach app sorting for your iPhone so you can find what you want quickly and easily.

If you like any of these methods to organize apps on your iPhone or have ideas of how you organize yours, tell us in the comments.

Image Credit: Apple Support

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