Better Manage Your Online Bookmarking With SpeedTile

Most modern browsers come with useful bookmarking function that is easy for its users to bookmark their favorite sites.There is one limitation though: When you have too many bookmarks, it become difficult to manage. Speedtile offers you a great solution to organize your bookmarks with ease.

Speedtile is a powerful web bookmarking site that allows you to organize your bookmarks with tile preview and sort them in different categories. It also comes with many other features such as bookmarks sharing and screenshots preview of bookmarked sites.

1. Easily bookmark with rich tile preview option

When you bookmark a site on Speedtile, it will immediately make a screenshot of the site and display it as an awesome glossy look tile. When you mouse over the tile, it will show a Vista-like glow which make it very intuitive to navigate around your pool of bookmarks. It also comes with an intelligent bookmarking solution that prevent you from bookmarking the same sites twice.



2. Share your favorite bookmarks with others

Each tile comes with a “tool” icon that allows you to share your bookmark. Shared bookmarks will have a ribbon added to the tile and the URL will be shown on a public site. Not all the bookmarks are shared by default. You have to manually select the tile that you want to share.



3. Get the screen shot of all the bookmarked sites

This the most interesting feature, speedtile actually takes a screen shot of a website and places it in the tile. The screenshot can also be viewed separately or be saved as an image. On the top right corner of the tile, click on the “zoom icon” to view the screen shot of the webpage.


4. Manage Bookmarks easily by organizing into categories

Speedtile allows you to create categories and sort your bookmarks to their respective category. You can move a bookmark from one category to another just by using “drag and drop” option.


Speedtile provides a handy Firefox plug-in for easy bookmarking in Firefox. Install the plug-in. Right click on the browser and select the option “Bookmark with speedtile” whenever you wish to bookmark a site.



6. View tiles by order to locate bookmark

If you have plenty of bookmarks in a single category, you can easily sort the bookmarks with the “order by” option. Sorting options include “last modification”, “most visited”, “sort by date” and “alphabetical order”.



Considering that Speedtile is free to use and is available as an extension to Firefox, it could provide that alternative method to manage your bookmarks in style. What’s I find still missing in speedtile is the ability to import and export your bookmarks, which I believe the developers will include in the future.

If you have used Speedtile, share your experience with us in the comments.