How to Make a Better Instagram Ad for Your Dropshipping Business

When drop-shipping, there are quite a number of people that know how to set up a Shopify store, find product, edit product photos, and apply a proper item description – the basics of getting started with a new business.

However, not many people know how to use Instagram and Facebook ads effectively for maximizing profit. This article will encompass a few tips and tricks to increase Shopify sales via Instagram ads!

Use Video to Your Advantage

Video, in most cases, can be more powerful then a still image in terms of conveying ideas. This is why it is a fantastic option for ads. The video you create should encompass the beauty of your product to first and foremost grab attention – and then pull focus of key features about the product or brand from there. The best Instagram and Facebook ad videos are those that are simple in nature but direct as to what the product is. And don’t forget to add a call to action.

It Goes Down in the DM


Do not be afraid to try direct messaging influencers. These people are always excited to share great products with their fan base for a small charge. Your targeted audience may be more likely to pay attention to your ad if it is coming from someone whom they already follow and trust, rather than a post that is check-marked as “promoted.” Point being, influencer posts are a lot less intrusive than traditional ads.

Although, and you will want to listen to this, DO NOT simply spam these influencers with a copied and pasted wall of text. They deal with this sort of thing on the daily, so you will need to keep things personable. As far as knowing exactly what to say, that is something that you will have to learn with time and trials. The types of influencers you wish to introduce to your brand’s products will vary vastly based on how their lifestyles (and therefore their fanbase’s lifestyles) mesh with your products.

Use Emojis and Key Phrases

Set up your ad’s description within a notes app so that you can press enter to start a new line. Doing this on Instagram will have no effect, and the lines will just be grouped with no formatting. Clearly separating ideas into lines is crucial to better captivate the audience’s attention.

Furthermore, try incorporating emojis that will better convey your ideas into the description. If you are offering free shipping, a box emoji on both sides of the text will better display your idea at a glance. If you sell iPhone accessories, use an iPhone emoji, and so on, meaning base the emoji us on what product you are offering.

Watermark Your Stuff


Since you are drop-shipping, chances are the product photos you are using to promote were not taken by you. That is totally okay, but just know that you will not be the only one on the Internet using the photos in promotions. This is why it is  a good idea to “watermark” your photos by placing a logo in a non-intrusive location of the photo, such as the bottom right-hand corner. If you have incorporated your logo or branding into another area of the product, such as a tag, you can disregard this step.

Use Stock Photos – Just Not Boring Ones

A lot of the stock photos of products that you will find on sites like Aliexpress focus on the product very specifically and typically feature a stark white background. While this is not necessarily bad in any way, it does not make for good advertising. You will be the most successful browsing a site like Pixabay and subbing out the white background for some abstract art. You can sub out the backgrounds with a desktop-class application such as Photoshop, of course, but a mobile app like Superimpose works wonders when using the magic wand tool.

Build Your Brand Organically

While a paid advertisement is a quick way to gain brand exposure, it is not near as good as true followers and fans. Spend some time focusing on adding popular hashtags to your posts, browsing similar accounts, liking posts, and commenting on individuals’ photos. Again, similarly to contacting influencers, DO NOT spam like a bot. Keep it personable, and you will see a high turnover of people from mere browsers to loyal and paying customers.


For the drop-shippers out there, what tips have you implemented to grow your sales? What works and what simply does not? Leave a comment below, and let’s start a conversation!

A true brand only grows with dedication. If you are struggling to get your brand off the ground, have friends and family reflect on it often to get a true idea of your brand’s strengths and shortcomings. Happy drop-shipping!

Corbin Telligman
Corbin Telligman

I'm a junior at UT Dallas, a tech enthusiast, an adreneline junkie, and a coffee fanatic.

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