Power Up Anywhere with BESTEK Power Inverter with 4 USB Ports for Less than $20

It’s great to have USB ports included in newer cars, but that’s not always enough. Sometimes there’s a need to run multiple devices or something requiring AC power, such as a laptop or even camping equipment. That’s when you need the BESTEK Power Inverter With all these included ports and outlets, you won’t ever need to worry about powering anything on or charging anythng else again.

The BESTEK power inverter provides 200 watts of continuous DC to AC power and 500 watts peak output power to run or charge nearly any device when you’re away from home and the office.

This DC to AC converter includes multiple outlets, covering all your bases. It includes three AC outlets and 4 4.2A USB charging ports. This means you could power and/or charge seven devices at the same time, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, GPS units, TVs, battery chargers, mobile office equipment, or even camping equipment.


The small compact design of the power inverter works well for use in your car, truck, or camper. It can even be used at campsites if you don’t have electricity. It just plugs into the cigarette lighter port in your car with a 2.5-foot cord.

In addition to the multiple ports, there is also a built-in fuse and cooling fan protection. You don’t need to worry if it will make your vehicle run its battery down, as there is a low-battery alarm and low-battery shutdown and even protection from overload or a short circuit.

Along with the power inverter, you’ll also get a user manual and an eighteen-month warranty.

Until October 15, you can apply the coupon code “Onlymaktch” and get the power inverter for just $18.99.

BESTEK Power Inverter

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