The 6 Best Xbox One X Accessories You Can’t Live Without

If you only play Xbox to kill time, you may be satisfied with the accessories you get straight out of the box. But if you’re a hardcore gamer, and can’t go a day without spending some quality time with your new Xbox One X, then you may prefer to up your gaming experience by adding some quality Xbox accessories.

The good news is we’ve got your back. We’ve cherrypicked the best Xbox One X accessories that will enhance your immersion level and give you an unforgettable experience with your Xbox One X. Most of these Xbox One X accessories are also compatible with the earlier Xbox models.

1. Xbox One Elite Controller

While Xbox One X ships with a controller, you might want to consider upgrading to the Elite Controller. This gamepad is built for gaming enthusiasts and boasts of superior build and a host of other useful features. Available for $150, the Elite controller adds more functionalities while increasing precision for a better gaming experience.


The Elite Controller comes with new hair-trigger locks that allow you to press the trigger faster while giving you a more realistic feel. The thumbsticks and D-pad have also been retouched to make the controls more ergonomic and better suited to your taste. This controller also offers plenty of customization options since it comes with a set of six thumbsticks, two direction pads, and four paddles.

2. Razor Thresher 7.1 Ultimate (Xbox One X Edition)

If you want a punchier feel that will put you right into the action during gameplay, you’ll want high-quality headsets that have been designed for that purpose. When it comes to quality gaming audio, no other headsets can deliver better sound than the Razor Thresher 7.1 Ultimate. At $240, these headsets are expensive, but you get what you pay for.


These headsets boast of 50mm drivers that produce well-controlled bass and powerful life-like audio. There are also quick control buttons that allow you to adjust the volume or even mute the mic instantly. The pricier Xbox One X Edition of these headsets come with a charging stand that also doubles as an input switch. However, you can get a less expensive version that doesn’t come with a charging stand.

3. Seagate Game Drive 4Tb

The Seagate Game Drive 4Tb is basically an external hard drive that offers more space for your Xbox One X game library. This accessory will let you build a huge game library which you can run without having to worry about space limitations.


The USB 3.0 on this Seagate Game Drive delivers full-throttle gaming, which is equivalent to playing from your console’s hard drive. Plus, its compact size and absence of a power cable makes it easy to carry it to your friend’s house and play your favorite games on their system. At a price of $129, this HDD is fairly priced, considering its gigantic capacity.

4. Xbox One Media Remote

We all know that using the standard controller that comes with the Xbox One X doesn’t provide the most ergonomic experience. It’s for this reason that Microsoft came up with this diminutive yet functional media remote.


The Xbox One Media Remote is a must-have for anyone who does more than just play games on their consoles. This media remote is perfect for controlling streaming services and playing your 4K UHD Blu-ray collections. At a price of $44, this remote is reasonably priced and works flawlessly, thanks to the new Xbox One X UI.

5. Xbox One Play & Charge Kit

The standard Xbox One X controller is powered by AA batteries. Even if you opt for the aforementioned Elite Controller, you still won’t escape from the battery plague since this console is also powered by AA batteries.

Xbox One X accessories

However, if you don’t like the idea of buying and replacing batteries from time to time, you should consider buying the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit. On a full charge, the Play & Charge kit provides up to thirty hours of usage. Plus, you can fully recharge it in under four hours, which is fast enough. For just $34, this Xbox One Charge Kit is affordable.

6. Sony or LG 4K OLED TV

One of the best Xbox One X accessories you can buy is a vibrant 4K HDR TV that can realize the console’s full potential. Since Xbox One X has the ability to deliver gaming in 4K and HDR, getting an HDR-ready TV, preferably OLED, will completely change your Xbox gaming experience.


The Sony A1E series and the LG OLED C8 are some of today’s best 4K HDR TVs that feature mind-blowing contrast and wide color gamut with the lowest input lag. Both of these TVs also feature Dolby Vision, which is well suited for Xbox One X, since it’s the only compatible gaming console.

Final Thoughts

While Xbox One X is dubbed the most powerful gaming console on the planet, you might not get the most out of it if you don’t have the right equipment. The Xbox One X accessories improve this new console from Microsoft in ways that even a casual gamer would notice.

We hope this guide will help you choose the best accessories for your new Xbox One X. Feel free to comment and share.

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