5 of the Best Writing Apps for Android

Writing on your smartphone, especially if it is a long article, is not the most convenient, but it can be turned into a pleasurable one with the right software.

You don’t necessarily need word processors for writing on your smartphone, as they all have plenty of distracting options that you will almost certainly never need.

Instead, for those who want to concentrate on just writing, using a minimalist writing app would make things a lot more pleasant.

We have scoured the Google Play Store and shortlisted five of the best apps for writing on your Android smartphone or tablet.


iA Writer is a long-time favourite on iOS and OS X devices, but it finally made its debut in the Android ecosystem in 2015, and it has quickly become a favourite among Android users as well.

The app offers several features that give it the edge over all other apps in this list. It comes with full markdown support and a preview mode that you can access by swiping across the screen. Aside from creating local files, you can access documents on Google Drive and Dropbox, and it offers real-time synchronization for both services.

In addition you can export your writing to several formats such as HTML, PDF and MS Word (.docx). Another killer feature is its ability to publish directly to medium.com. You’ll need an integration token to enable this feature, but the directions to get one are clearly stated in the app.

Price: Free


Monospace Writer is a minimalist app that allows you to focus on your writing without any distractions. The app doesn’t offer as many features as iA Writer, but it does have its own strengths.

On installation you will be greeted by a clean and well-designed interface that you should feel right at home with. There are a few tutorials that will show you how to use the app and the options available.

You get only the most basic formatting options (such as bold, italics, blockquotes) but not much more. You can organise related articles using hashtags, and exporting to Markdown or plain text is available. Monospace also features Dropbox and Google Drive integration, but the latter is only available in the pro version.

Price: Free / $4.00


JotterPad presents itself as a minimalist app for any kind of writing. It has a decent looking material interface that cuts out all unnecessary options, allowing you to focus only on your task.

You can write your posts in markdown and export them to several formats (TXT, MD, PDF, DOCX (beta)). JotterPad also supports Dropbox integration as well as decent typography options and a night mode feature.

One of the more interesting features about JotterPad is that it saves snapshots of your work which means you can easily revert to earlier versions if you wish to. You also get support for Bluetooth keyboards and shortcuts (such as CTRL+Z) with this app.

Price: Free / $3.99


Writer Plus is another fantastic writing app that has an excellent rating on the Play Store. It is a completely free app that boasts several features you may be interested in.

The user interface is really nice with all your articles listed vertically on the screen. You can also organise your work into folders to avoid cluttering up the app. Creating a new document is really easy; just click the floating “+” button at the bottom of your screen to get started.

Writer Plus supports markdown formatting as well as keyboard shortcuts if you are using a Bluetooth keyboard. Other features include word and character count, undo and redo, and night mode. The only disadvantage is that you are restricted to working with local files, but cloud integration has been marked for future updates.

Price: Free


As the name implies, MarkdownX is an app specially designed for those who prefer to write in markdown.

For those on smartphones. you’ll need to swipe across the screen when writing an article to access the preview mode, but if you have a large tablet you can have a side-by-side live preview similar to most desktop markdown editors.

MarkdownX makes it easy for you to format your writing with several options at the top of the screen. It also supports exporting to HTML or plain text as well as synchronising with Dropbox. There is also a syntax reference available within the app for those who may need a refresher in the markdown syntax from time to time.

Price: Free

Whichever app you choose you are guaranteed to experience a pleasurable writing experience on your Android device, so go ahead and try them all out to see which you like best.

If you have any other app you’d like us to add to this list, make your suggestions in the comments below.